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Disciplin A Kitschme
Дисциплина Кичме
Disciplin A Kitschme performing in Belgrade in 2007
Disciplin A Kitschme performing in Belgrade in 2007
Background information
Also known asDisciplina Kičme, DAK, Tooth-Goofie-Nappy
OriginBelgrade, Serbia (1981 – 1995, 2005 – present)
London, England (1995 – 2003)
GenresPost-punk, alternative rock, funk rock, jazz fusion, noise rock, drum and bass
Years active1981 – present
LabelsHelidon, Dokumentarna, PGP-RTB, Tom Tom Music, Babaroga Records, PGP-RTS
MembersDušan Kojić
Rade Vulić
Igor Djeke
Past members
  • Manja Đorđević
    Branislav Trivić
    Dušan Dejanović
    Gofie Bebe
    Jurij Novoselić
    Nenad Krasavac
    Peter Warren
    Srđan Gulić
    Srđan Marković
    Srđan Todorović
    Will Parker
    Zoran Erkman
    Miloš Velimir
WebsiteOfficial myspace

Disciplina Kičme (Serbian Cyrillic: Дисциплина Кичме, lit.'Backbone Discipline'), currently working under the slightly altered name of Disciplin A Kitschme, is a Serbian band, one of the two spin-offs of the seminal Yugoslav new wave and later post-punk band Šarlo Akrobata, the other being Ekatarina Velika. Musically, they are best described as an aggressive and artistic rhythmic explosion, experimenting and seeking out new expressiveness while finding inspiration in the traditions of punk rock, funk, jazz fusion, motown, jungle, drum and bass, and the works of Jimi Hendrix.


Belgrade years (1982–1992)[edit]

The band was formed by former Limunovo Drvo and Šarlo Akrobata bassist and vocalist Dušan Kojić "Koja" in late 1981 with former Urbana Gerila drummer Nenad Krasavac "Kele". The lineup also featured Radnička Kontrola bassist Srđan Marković "Đile", but after a short period of time, he left the band. The following year Krasavac went to serve the Yugoslav People's Army and was replaced by former Radnička Kontrola drummer Srđan "Žika" Todorović. The band also prepared material for their debut album, but due to the non-commercial musical style, the major Yugoslav record labels denied releasing it.

Sviđa mi se da ti ne bude prijatno (I Like When You Feel Uncomfortable) was released in very small circulation by Slovenian record label Helidon in early 1983. The record producer was Kojić with the help of Toni Jurij, and Partibrejkers guitarist Nebojša Antonijević "Anton" (signed as Riki Rif). The tracks "Uživaj" ("Enjoy"), "Zgodne kretnje" ("Attractive Movement"), "Mladost ne opravdava besvest" ("Youth Does Not Justify Senselessness") and "Nemoj" ("Do Not") presented Kojić's dominant bass lines combined with the aggressive sound of Todorović's drums, similar to the style of Šarlo Akrobata drummer Ivan Vdović "VD". A rerecorded Šarlo Akrobata unreleased track "Pečati" ("Stamps"), written by Kojić, appeared on the album featuring a part of the Yugoslav anthem "Hej Sloveni", as an homage to the Jimi Hendrix cover of "The Star-Spangled Banner".

After the album release, the band continued performing in major Yugoslav cities, mainly in clubs, and in 1985, they released an EP Ja imam šarene oči (I Have Colorful Eyes), recorded during 1983 and 1984, with the track "Novac neće doći" ("Money Will Not Come") as the most notable track, released by Slovenian record label Dokumentarna in 1985. Todorović did the drums and Krasavac appeared only on the intro for the track "Sviđa mi se..." ("I Like...") and on "28. jun 1984" ("June 28th 1984") recorded live at Belgrade's SKC on the same date as the song title. Kojić produced the EP and for the first time included a trumpet in the lineup, played by Jugoslav Muškinja. From this release onwards, all of the band releases were produced by Kojić himself.

The album Svi za mnom! (Everybody, follow me), released in 1986 by Helidon, brought some lineup and stylistic changes, as it was with drummers Krasavac and Todorović and a brass section featuring Zoran Erkman "Zerkman" and Dedža on trumpets and Branislav Trivić on saxophone. Guest appearances featured Električni Orgazam guitarist Branislav Petrović "Banana" (backing vocals), former Radnička Kontrola guitarist Darko Milojković (percussion) and the Novi Sad band Boye (backing vocals). A cover of the popular YU grupa song "Čudna šuma" ("The Strange Forest"), originally recorded in 1973, appeared as the opening track on the album. Kojić also partially used a violin theme of the Antonín Dvořák's "Humoreska" on the track "Zašto" ("Why") and some acoustic guitar sections on the instrumental version of "Čudna šuma" called "Šuma igra" ("The Forest Is Dancing"). The track "Ovo je zvuk" ("This Is The Sound") featured a part of the interview Kojić did for Vrnjačka Banja radio, and "Ne, ne, ne" ("No, No, No") featured lyrics from "Marš na Drinu" ("March on the Drina"), a Serbian patriotic World War I song.

After the album release, for the first time in their history, the band were taken seriously by the media and the critics, however, drummer Krasavac left the band, moving to the United States, where he currently resides. In early 1987, the band celebrated the fifth anniversary and released a live album, Najlepši hitovi! Uživo! (Prettiest Hits! Live!), recorded on 3 and 4 November 1986 at the Belgrade club Akademija. The album, released by a major record label, PGP-RTB, was recorded with an eight channel technique without any additional studio works. During the same year, the debut album was rereleased on cassette by the Slovenija record label, and the band lineup changed, as the drummer Todorović joined Ekatarina Velika and was replaced by former Limunovo Drvo and Katarina II drummer Dušan Dejanović and former Film and Dee Dee Mellow saxophonist Jurij Novoselić "Kuzma" replaced Dedža.

The new lineup released an EP called Dečija pesma (Children Song), released through PGP-RTB in 1987, featuring five different versions of the title track, "children", "disco", "early", "hit" and "superior" mix of the song. The song lyrics featured the verse "Nije dobro Bijelo Dugme; Nije dobra Katarina; Šta je dobro; Šta nam treba; Kičme, Kičme Disciplina") ("Bijelo Dugme is not good; Neither is Katarina; What is good; What we need; Kičme, Kičme Disciplina"). As guests on the EP appeared YU grupa guitarist Dragi Jelić, Ivan Vdović "VD", Srđan Todorović and Roze Poze guitarist Željko Nikolić. Ironic cover versions of Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" and The Cult "Love Removal Machine", recorded live at the Akademija club, also appeared on the EP. The same lineup recorded the studio album Zeleni Zub na Planeti Dosade (Green Tooth at the Planet of Boredom), released in 1989 by PGP-RTB, with the tracks "Tata i mama" ("Dad and Mum"), "Ah, kakva sreća" ("Oh, What Happiness"), "Iza 9 brda" ("Behind 9 Hills") and "Betmen, Mandrak, Fantom" ("Batman, Mandrake, Phantom").

In February 1990, Kojić appeared on MTV show "120 Minutes" and the promotional video for the English language version of "Dečija pesma" was broadcast. In the meantime Kojić, with Vlada Divljan and Srđan Gojković "Gile", recorded the soundtrack for the movie Kako je propao rokenrol (The Fall of Rock 'n' Roll) and appeared in the movie as the superhero Zeleni Zub. At the time Kojić was also playing the guitar in the ad hoc band Kod Tri Balona performing cover versions of the songs by progressive and hard rock bands Atomsko Sklonište, Buldožer, Pop Mašina, Smak and YU grupa.

The album Nova iznenađenja za nova pokolenja (New Surprises for New Generations), recorded in November 1990 and released in early 1991, featured former Haustor drummer Srđan Gulić "Gul" and former Pop Mašina and Innamorata i Papatra drummer Dušan Đukić "Đuka" on goč (a Serbian folk drum). The album featured the usage of sampled music, on "Buka u modi" ("Noise in Fashion"), featuring a sampled riff of the Dah song "Noćna buka" ("Night Noise"), "Zlopamtilo" ("Grudge-bearer"), featuring a part of the YU grupa song "Bio jednom jedan pas" ("Once Upon a Time There Was a Dog"), and the cover of Pop Mašina single "Zemlja svetlosti" ("The Land of Light"), featuring chorus of the Time song "Rokenrol u Beogradu" ("Rock 'n' Roll in Belgrade"). "Buka u modi" was also released on single with a different version of the track on the B-side.

After the album release, due to the political situation in the country, the band held their last concerts in August 1991 in Koper and Pula. The following year, Kojić moved to London and Erkman moved to Netherlands. On March and June 1991 at the students' protest in Belgrade, Kojić's lyrics "Vreme je za pravdu; Vreme je za istinu" ("It is time for justice; It is time for the truth") were shouted and the song "Buka u modi" became an unofficial anthem of the Winter 1996/1997 protests in Belgrade.

London years (1995–2003)[edit]

Dušan Kojić "Koja" in concert at SKC

Having performed cover versions of Yugoslav rock songs with Serbian musicians in London and working with local musicians in the bands It's Good To Smoke and Brushstick Blues, Kojić, who started performing as Black Tooth, decided to reform Disciplina Kičme. With the African-American singer Gofie Bebe and drummer Pete "Beat" Warren from Auckland, he reformed the band with an altered name, Disciplin A Kitschme. Warren used to work with the bands DD Smash and Pop Mechanix from Australia and various American bands and Gofie Bebe debuted in Disciplin A Kitschme. The band performed in minor clubs in England and in the Spring 1996 they founded their own record label, Babaroga Records.

Through Babaroga Records the band released a maxi single "Have You Ever Heard Of Any Other Rhythm?", featuring three versions of the title track, an English version of the song "Da li znaš za neki drugi ritam", originally released on the album Nova iznenađenja za nova pokolenja, and the song "I've Got Those Technicolor Eyes", an English version of "Ja imam šarene oči", originally released on the EP of the same name. During years in London thanks to their innovative playing they contributed to at the time new music expression lately called drum and bass. In November, the band released the album I Think I See Myself On CCTV featuring the songs from the EP and English versions of Disciplina Kičme songs, "Do Not" ("Nemoj"), "Oh Why" ("Zašto"), "Children Song" ("Dečija pesma") and "Is That Really All?" ("Zar je to sve").

Gofie Bebe in concert at SKC

In 1997, Helidon reissued Svi za mnom! on CD, and Kojić recorded new versions of the songs "Do Not" and "Oh Why" and released them on single. The following year, the band released Heavy Bass Blues which beside the new material featured a cover version of the John D. Loudermilk song "Tobacco Road" and two Disciplina Kičme songs, "Noize In Fashion" ("Buka u modi") and "High Temperature Man" ("Čovek sa visokom temperaturom"). Co-producer of the album was Skip McDonald, who also did backing vocals on the track "Bedroom Muzik" featuring the lyrics "You got a mouse in your hand; You need no people in a band" as a comment on the media and record label attitude towards musicians.

In February and September 1998, the band performed in Serbia and partially the former Yugoslav republics. The band returned to Serbia in the late 1999 and presented the new drummer, Will Parker. In the meantime they released a CD single featuring three versions of the song "Da Answer", signed as Tooth-Goofie-Nappy. During the same year, the record label Tom Tom Music released a compilation Ove ruke nisu male... 1 (These Hands Are Not Small... 1) featuring the first two Disciplina Kičme releases and a recording of the live appearance in Zagreb's Lapidarij.

The band performed in Zagreb during February 2000, and as guests on the concert appeared Jurij Novoselić "Kuzma" and former Haustor member Igor Pavlica, and during the Summer of the same year, they played at the 34th Zaječar Gitarijada. The following year the band released the album Refresh Your Senses, NOW! featuring "Da Answer" and songs dealing with the new political situation in Serbia, "D' Demoncracy Yeah" and "Surely They Won't Get Much... of My Sympathy". The lineup continued touring and performing live until 2003.

Back in Belgrade (2005–present)[edit]

In 2003, Kojić returned to Belgrade and started working on several projects. The following year, Tom Tom Music released Ove ruke nisu male... 2 (These Hands Are Not Small... 2), featuring the reissue of the album Svi za mnom! and as bonus tracks appeared the unreleased music Kojić recorded for Želimir Žilnik's film Lijepe žene prolaze kroz grad (Pretty Women Are Passing through the Town), "Humoreska" ("Humoresque") by Antonín Dvořák and arranged by Kojić and the musical part of the coronation of Zeleni Zub.

In 2005, a new lineup of Disciplin A Kitchme, featuring Kazna Za Uši vocalist Manja Đorđević, former Sunshine, Partibrejkers and Električni Orgazam drummer Miloš Velimir "Buca" and percussionist PP (who left the band after a short period of time), recorded a comeback single "Političari + virusi" ("Politicians + Viruses"), released by Tom Tom Music in 2005, featuring the "TV mix", "antivirus" and instrumental version of the track. On 10 July 2005 the band performed on the main stage at the EXIT Festival. The recording of the performance was released on the Uživo sa Egzit-a! / Live At Exit! DVD by PGP-RTS in 2006.

In 2007, Disciplin A Kitchme released the new album, Kada kažeš muzika, na šta tačno misliš, reci mi? (When You Say Music, of What Exactly do You Think, Tell Me?). The album was conceptual, mainly dealing with the growing popularity of MP3 music, especially in the songs "Bunt" ("Riot"), "Info" and "Neko mora to da spreči" ("Somebody Has to Stop It"). The album also featured a new version of "Političari + Virusi". After the album release, the band started touring and performed at the 42nd Zaječar Gitarijada, the 2008 EXIT Festival, Jelen Pivo Live and other festivals as well as on their own concerts held in Serbia and abroad.

In June 2011, the band released the single "Ako ti je glasno" ("If it is Too Loud for You") for free digital download via Exit Music record label and as well as a promotional video for the same track.[1] The single was released as a promotion for the upcoming studio album Uf!. The album was released on 5 July through the same label.[2]

On 28 May 2013, the former member Zoran Ekrman "Zerkman" died at the age of 50, three days after his guest appearance on the Disciplin A Kitschme performance in Belgrade.[3]

In November 2013, the band released the DVD entitled Video Uf!. The DVD featured three previously released videos for songs from Uf! and six new videos for the rest of the songs from the album, as well as audio recordings from the recording of Uf! and an interview. The DVD was given as gift with an issue of Vreme magazine.[4] The following month, the band streamed via Deezer the single from their upcoming tenth studio album, "Samo Disciplina" ("Discipline Only"), featuring Igor Djeke, the member of the Vinkovci project Harp Explosion, as a new band member on harmonica.[5]

In January 2014, the band released the box set entitled Ove ruke nisu male 3, containing remastered editions of Zeleni Zub na Planeti Dosade, Nova iznenađenja za nova pokolenja, Najlepši hitovi! Uživo! and Dečja pesma, all featuring bonus recordings. The box set also features the DVD disc entitled Ove ruke nisu male... 3, which features video recordings from concerts and various video clips from the 1980s and the 1990s.[6] In December of the same year, Kojić recorded a cover of the song "Neukusu treba reći NE!" ("We Should Say NO to Bad Taste!"), originally released on Uf!, with children choir Čuperak, as a part of Deca pevaju rokenrol (Children Sing Rock 'n' Roll) project. Kojić sung, played slide guitar, mixed, arranged and produced the new version.[7] On 13 March 2015, on the band's promotional concert in Zagreb, the band was joined on stage by former members Jurij Novoselić and Srđan Gulić, drummer Igor Pavlica and trumpet player Nikola Santro.[8]

In March 2016, the band released the studio album Opet (Again).[9] The album was previously announced by the single "Zaboravili rokenrol!?!" ("Forgot about Rock 'n' Roll!?!"), released in November 2015 and featuring British musicians Lord Eric Sugumugu and Robert Goldsmith on percussion.[10] The album featured the new drummer, Rade "Vula" Vulić.[9] On 23 April 2019 at the age of 51 died Manja Đorđević.[11]

Band members[edit]



  • Manja Đorđević
  • Gofie Bebe
  • Jurij Novoselić
  • Branislav Trivić


The book YU 100: najbolji albumi jugoslovenske rok i pop muzike (YU 100: The Best albums of Yugoslav pop and rock music), published in 1998, features three Disciplina Kičme albums: Sviđa mi se da ti ne bude prijatno (polled No. 52), Zeleni Zub na Planeti Dosade (polled No. 32) and Svi za mnom! (polled No. 65).[12] In 2015, Nova iznenađenja za nova pokolenja was pronounced the 12th on the list of 100 greatest Yugoslav albums, published by Croatian edition of Rolling Stone.[13] In 1987, in YU legende uživo (YU Legends Live), a special publication by Rock magazine, Najlepši hitovi! Uživo! was pronounced one of 12 best Yugoslav live albums.[14]

In 2000, the song "Buka u modi" was polled No.88 on Rock Express Top 100 Yugoslav Rock Songs of All Times list.[15] The B92 Top 100 Domestic Songs list features two songs by the band: "Dečija pesma" (polled No.49) and "Nemoj" (polled No.63).[16]

The lyrics of 4 songs by the band were featured in Petar Janjatović's book Pesme bratstva, detinjstva & potomstva: Antologija ex YU rok poezije 1967 - 2007 (Songs of Brotherhood, Childhood & Offspring: Anthology of Ex YU Rock Poetry 1967 - 2007).[17]



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