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A disciplinary repository (or subject repository) is an online archive containing works or data associated with these works of scholars in a particular subject area.[1][2] Disciplinary repositories can accept work from scholars from any institution. A disciplinary repository shares the roles of collecting, disseminating, and archiving work with other repositories, but is focused on a particular subject area. These collections can include academic and research papers.

Disciplinary repositories can acquire their content in many ways. Many rely on author or organization submissions, such as SSRN. Others such as CiteSeerX crawl the web for scholar and researcher websites and download publicly available academic papers from those sites. AgEcon, established in 1995,[3] grew as a result of active involvement of academia and societies.

A disciplinary repository generally covers one broad based discipline, with contributors from many different institutions supported by a variety of funders; the repositories themselves are likely to be funded from one or more sources within the subject community.[4] Deposit of material in a disciplinary repository is sometimes mandated by research funders.

Disciplinary repositories can also act as stores of data related to a particular subject, allowing documents along with data associated with that work to be stored in the repository.

What was believed to be the first public Workshop on Disciplinary Repositories[5] was held on June 16 and 17, 2011, at the ACM Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


  • This is a list of OA disciplinary respositories (also called central or subject repositories) taken from the Open Access Directory [1]. Unless otherwise noted, they accept relevant deposits regardless of the author's institutional affiliation.
  • For a bibliography of works on disciplinary repositories, see the section on Disciplinary Archives in the OAD Bibliography of open access.
  • Related lists in OAD: Data repositories.
  • For news about disciplinary repositories, including some newly launched repositories not yet listed here, follow the oa.repositories.disciplinary tag of the Open Access Tracking Project.
  • Alphabetical by field.



Architecture and Civil Engineering[edit]


Art history[edit]

  • ART-Dok. German, English, French etc.


Biology / Life sciences[edit]




Cognitive science[edit]

Computer science[edit]



Digital preservation[edit]

Earth science[edit]


  • AgEcon Search. Research in agriculture and applied economics. From the University of Minnesota. (Also listed under Agriculture.)
  • Economists Online. From the Nereus consortium. Info July 2013: Economists Online will close its service by the end of this year.
  • EconStor. The repository focuses on Publications from Germany, mainly from institutions, but also from single authors.
  • Munich RePEc Personal Archive. All languages. "The topic should relate to economics, including the contiguous historical, social, and behavioral sciences and statistical as well as mathematical methods related to economics."

Education 1 (Research)[edit]

(This is a list of repositories for research in the field of education. For repositories of open educational resources, see Education 2, below.)

Education 2 (OER)[edit]

(This is a list of repositories for open educational resources. Also see the OAD list of OER lists, in our section of Lists maintained by others. For repositories for research in the field of education, see Education 1, above.)



Environmental science[edit]

German Literature and Language[edit]

Humanitarian aid[edit]

Humanities in general[edit]


Library and information science[edit]

  • E-LIS. International in scope. All languages. Abstracts in English.
  • LDL: Librarians' Digital Library. English and Indic Scripts. Based at DRTC, Bangalore, India
  • DList. English. As of 2013, DLIST is temporarily closed to new submissions.
  • ALPS Link Community Portal. Shareable library instructional materials / learning objects. Based in British Columbia, Canada.



Marine science[edit]




Multidisciplinary repositories[edit]

Nuclear Sciences[edit]




Political science[edit]

  • eDoc.ViFaPol. An OA section within ViFaPol (Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Politikwissenschaft). Mostly German. Mostly only for institutions not for single scholars.


Public policy research[edit]

Regional studies[edit]

Sciences in general[edit]

Social sciences in general[edit]

Technology in general[edit]


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