Discipline: Record of a Crusade

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Discipline: Record of a Crusade
Discipline Jlist.jpg
Cover art
ディシプリン ザ レコード オブ ア クルセイド
Developer JPActivesoft
Publisher NA Kitty Media
Genre Interactive fiction
Platform Microsoft Windows
  • JP: August 30, 2002
  • NA: December 18, 2007
Original video animation
Discipline - The Hentai Academy
Directed by Takashi Kondō
Studio D3
Licensed by NA Amorz
Released April 11, 2003 December 17, 2004
Episodes 6
Original video animation
Discipline Zero
Directed by Takashi Kondou
Studio MediaBank
Released January 29, 2010 June 25, 2010
Episodes 2
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Discipline: Record of a Crusade is a Japanese hentai interactive fiction video game developed by ActiveSoft and released in Japan in 2002 and by Kitty Media in North America in 2007. It was adapted into a six-part direct to video animation series Discipline - The Hentai Academy which was released in 2003. In 2011 it became the first hentai title released on Blu-ray.[1] A two-part prequel series Discipline Zero has been released in 2010.


The story revolves around Takurō Hayami, a transfer student to a mostly female populated boarding school St. Arcadia. After being admitted because of his sexual prowess, Takurō moves into the same dorm as Saori Otokawa, Yuuki Miyagishi, Luli Nonomiya, and Maiko Kaneda, where Yuuki discovers that he has a special capability - an "Ultimate Sex Power," when they have sex in the bath. Having knowledge of Takurō's prowess, Leona Morimoto wants him to be part of the Social Club, to which she is the leader of, with the intent of making him her own personal sex slave.

Leona tries to pressure Takurō into joining her group by kidnapping Saori, but with the help of the other girls, she and Takurō are able to escape Leona and her club. After capturing Maiko for her in Saori and Takurō's escape, Leona has her have an orgy with her and some men, where they are no match for Maiko's sexual prowess. As punishment, Leona's sister, Reina Morimoto, the head of the school, has her wear a chastity belt. At that time, a series of sexual assaults has left a number of female students catatonic from pleasure, and it is discovered that an exchange student has been responsible, to which Leona poses a challenge, if Takurō can over come her, Leone will not tear down their dormitory. After Takurō's "victory," Reina decides to test Takurō's sexual prowess herself, and gives him high marks.

When Takurō and Saori decide to consummate their relationship, they find they cannot, since all the sexual activity he's undertaken has left him with premature ejaculation. At that time, another member of Saori's club has infiltrated an orgy organized by Reina and Leona, which consists of several select female students being forced to service CEOs' and Politicians. After escaping the orgy, the club member discovers that the Morimoto family blackmails employees to send their daughters to St. Acadia in order to pimp them out to the rich and powerful.

While curing his premature ejaculation, the head nurse tells Takurō that she was rejected by the Morimotos for not being pretty enough, and wants to take them down. As Saori and her friends try to find the blackmail list, she and Takurō are captured, with Saori being given an aphrodisiac, so as to not oppose getting raped. The nurse frees Takurō, who then finds Saori, and they make love after Leona and her goons escape. After leaving their prison, Saori and Takurō find that the blackmail list has been turned unreadable after it got wet from when they used the system to escape, but Takurō's ending narration states that the Morimotos are unaware of that fact.


  • Takurō Hayami (Voiced by Hideki Ogihara): Takurō transferred to St. Arcadia Academy to get a good education. What he gets is an education in sexual politics. Almost all of his roommates are after him and once his secret gets out, the rest of the women on campus won't stop until they get a piece of him. The reason why the women are after him is his stamina - his penis enlarging even if it's already inside women and ejaculating several kilograms of semen. This usually leaves him in a weakened state. He has feelings towards Saori.
  • Saori Otokawa (Voiced by Emiko Hagiwara): Takurō's classmate, she is the first person he meets when arriving at his new home. Before Takurō comes to the Academy, Saori has a severe intense history with Leona, with the latter humiliated her several times. She's the president of the Paranormal Club (Bible Study Club in the Visual Novel) and has feelings for Takurō.
  • Zunko Mochida (voiced by satori shoko): is the assistant dean and vice-president from St. Arcadia, he wants to take down the Morimotto sisters, and then start a revolution on the school.
  • Yuuki Miyagishi (Voiced by Chizuru Matsuyuki): A roommate in Takurō's dorm, Yuuki is an unapologetic woman who likes to masturbate. She is proud of her body and knows how to use it. She even takes advantage of Takurō once in a while when he thinks of dirty or nice things (like Saori). She was the first woman to have sex with Takurō, while he was taking a bath.
  • Luli Nonomiya (Voiced by Miya Serizono): More commonly known as Nanomi. She loves sex just like all the other girls. She is the best friend of Yuuki and likes to do things together with her, such as spoiling and taking advantage of Takurō, much to Saori's dismay.
  • Maiko Kaneda (Voiced by Haruka Shimazaki): Maiko is the most intelligent of the group. She spends most of her time reading books and using her computer for studying. Maiko loves to masturbate whenever or wherever she can.
  • Leona Morimoto (Voiced by Asuka Hōjō): The Head of the Social Club who is highly respected and feared. She's always after Takurō because of his stamina, and she'll use his feelings towards Saori to her advantage. In the second episode, she is shocked by an image of a gargantuan wyrm that is struggling to free itself, but she tames the beast within. In the third episode, she is kidnapped and raped by a group of male facility members led by the vice-principal and she loved it so much that every time she thought about it, she would masturbate, wanting it to happen again.
  • Reina Morimoto (Voiced by Harumi Asai): St. Arcadia' headmistress, Leona's older sister and previous head of the Social Club. Ogiwara is her boyfriend. She had brought Takurō in to this school to give her sister the ultimate pleasure. In the fourth episode, Reina rapes Takurō and was given her desired "ultimate pleasure". Reina has unimaginable power and controls the school entirely. She runs a background lab to scan the school constantly with cameras. Her name is a Spanish word for 'queen', fitting her role and position.
  • Matsuno Kaori (Voiced by Chigusa Ikeda, Mei Misonoo (Zero)): Matsuno is Hayami's homeroom teacher and the Morimoto sisters' slave. She is also the one who administered his "entry exam" in the first episode.
  • Karen Himeki (Voiced by Mikoto Kisaragi, Tae Kitano (Zero)): One of Leona's lieutenants with long white hair and large bust. Karen is noted to love engage in several semen-related sexual actions as well as bestiality. In episode 4 she forced to wear a chastity device and was attacked by Linda Hamilton who proceeds to grope her until she reached orgasm and fainted.
  • Momone Nishizaki (Voiced by Kaoru Morota): The younger sister of Yuri and one of Leona's lieutenants with red hair tied into pigtails. She was the one who drugged Takurō in the infirmary and the second girl after Yuuki to have sex with him. In episode 4 she was forced by Leona to wear a chastity device. She seems to be more of a bisexual than her sister as she was seen targeting female student from Science Club in the prequel.
  • Yuri Nishizaki (Voiced by Ruru, Maki Kobayashi (Zero)): Momone's older sister with long violet hair. Although has a smaller role than her sister, Yuri is noted to be more sadistic than her. One of Leona's lieutenants.
  • Kumi Yamanaka (Voiced by Ann Nagata, Yuuko Gibu (Zero)): Captain of Tennis Club.
  • Saki Yamagata (Voiced by Chiemi Ishimatsu): Captain of Swim Club.
  • Itou Kaoru (Voiced by Kou Kannazuki): A member of Leona's group who was previously male but now female.
  • Madoka Araki (Voiced by Ruriko Harashima): Leader of the resistance group against the Morimoto. She would later on have sex with two garbage men after she infiltrated the Morimoto mansion and she actually enjoyed having sex with both of those men.
  • Yuji Takigawa (Voiced by Jinguji Kasaotoko): A member of Madoka's resistance group and one of the few male students with prominent role. In the visual novel he is noted to be in a cat-and-dog relationship with Nanase.
  • Momoe Endou (Voiced by RUMI): A member of Madoka's resistance group with medium-length green hair. From the visual novel, Momoe is one of the few characters to be slightly younger than the main cast.
  • Nanase Fujiwara (Voiced by Harumi Sakurai): A member of Madoka's resistance group with two ribbons tied in her golden hair. Nanase has a cheerful personality.
  • Kawahara-sensei (Voiced by Yurie Takase): Is a nurse at the Institute. Employee Morimoto eventually betrays them find friends Takurō.
  • Eikichi Ogiwara (Voiced by Jinguji Kasaotoko): Professor at the Institute and Reina's lover. He has only a marginal role in the story.

Anime Episodes[edit]

  • Lesson 1 - Welcome to the All-Girls Dormitory!!
  • Lesson 2 - Girl's Battle Royal Has Begun!!
  • Lesson 3 - Sex Battle Continues for Ultimate Pleasure!!
  • Lesson 4 - The Biggest Crisis Hit the St.Arcadia!!
  • Lesson 5 - St.Arcadia's Darkest Secret About To Be Revealed!!
  • Lesson 6 - The Carnal Battle Ends With A Surprising Finale!!


  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2

game episodes[edit]

  1. ~Prologue~
  2. ~Confinement~
  3. ~Consummate Sin~
  4. ~Buddhist Precepts~
  5. ~Infiltration~
  6. ~Akira~


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