Disclaimer (King Creosote album)

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Kingcreosote disclaimer.jpg
Studio album by King Creosote
Released 2001
Genre Folk
Label Fence Collective
King Creosote chronology
King Creosote Says "Buy The Bazouki Hair Oil"
(2001)King Creosote Says "Buy The Bazouki Hair Oil"2001
Squeezebox Set
(2002)Squeezebox Set2002

Disclaimer is the seventeenth studio album by King Creosote, released in 2001.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Carrion Place
  2. Waltz Off With The Watch
  3. Only Been Gone One Day
  4. To Look Like Yachts
  5. My Books
  6. 6-7-8
  7. Why Don't We Go Dancing Anymore?
  8. I'm Up A Plum Tree
  9. And I Mean 'S'
  10. Gender Specific Toys
  11. Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Yokey
  12. In Need Of A Smile
  13. Alias Etcetera
  14. John Taylor Starts His Month Away
  15. Where's Gordon?
  16. Bal-a-leery
  17. Pos Pos Pat
  18. Bum Chord