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Disco Inferno is a modern 1970s style musical written by Jai Sepple. Set in 1976, the show features memorable songs of the 1970s era, including Boogie Nights, Celebration and Hot Stuff. The musical is loosely based on the story of Faust.

Original Cast[edit]

The original cast in the début production at The Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford,[1] starred Jai Sepple as Jack, Caroline Koutsoudes, Dan Peek and Robyn Gowers. The supporting cast included Steve Taylor, Harri Sepple (née Shelton) and Mark Brock[2] as well as other musicians, dancers and singers.

Character List[edit]

  • Jack - Young rockstar
  • Jane - Jack's lass
  • Tom - Jack's nerdy mate
  • Maggie - Tom's lass
  • Heathcliffe - Egotistical and twisted. The best singer in town.
  • Kathy - Heathcliffe's lass
  • Terry - Smooth talking DJ. Friend of Jack and Tom.
  • Duke (The Devil) - owns the nightclub. Old hippy rocker.
  • Lady Marmalade - enchantress and the Devil's right hand woman.
  • Nick Diablo - eccentric English fashion expert and the Devil's cleric.
  • Lily - a 'gay' barman

Speaking Roles[edit]

  • Molly Meldrum
  • Producer
  • Agnetha - from ABBA
  • Anni-Frid - from ABBA
  • Benny - from ABBA
  • Bjorn - from ABBA
  • Compère of The Roundhouse
  • Ensemble - dancers, fans, audience and press etc.
  • Girl in cinema
  • A priest
  • A photographer
  • Dick Clark - host of American Bandstand

The 2012 revised script has seen changes to characters including:

  • 'Lady Marmalade' is now 'Lucretia MacEvil'
  • 'Kathy' is now 'Roxanne'
  • 'Terry' is now 'Billy'

Plot synopsis[edit]

Working late in a London nightclub, Disco Inferno, Jack meets Lady Marmalade - a femme fatale and associate of the Devil. Dreaming of becoming successful, he makes a pact with her, trading his soul to fulfill his wildest fantasies.

Jack soon becomes an international success, making appearances on radio and television shows, but he finds his success hollow. Jack now has the fame and fortune he's always dreamed of but loses his devoted girlfriend, Jane. As his situation worsens, Jack wishes only to get his life back to the way it used to be.


Disco Inferno has been performed around the world since it was written, including in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan and Norway.

Cancelled UK Tour[edit]

A revised version of 'Disco Inferno' was planned to be touring across the UK in the autumn of 2012, until the producer pulled the show citing 'financial reasons'. He then went on to use Dani Harmer as an excuse, as shortly after the tour's cancellation, she announced that she would be taking part in the tenth series of Strictly Come Dancing.[3] Creatives of the show and Dani's management team have said that these rumours were untrue.

Casting would have included: Sam Attwater as 'Jack', Dani Harmer as 'Jane' and Javine Hylton as 'Lucretia MacEvil'

The tour would have been going to the following theatres:

Song List[edit]

From the Official Disco Inferno Website[4]

Please note that the songs in the 2012 UK Tour are still to be confirmed

Act one[edit]

Act two[edit]

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