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Disco Mix Club (DMC) is primarily a remix label under BPI (British Phonographic Industry) licence, which is not intended for the mass market but rather exclusively for professional DJs and enthusiasts. The DMC sells every month megamixes and remixes produced by other DJs, and publishes the weekly magazine, Update. The monthly Mixmag was published by the DMC in the beginning, but it was bought in January 1997 by the British media group EMAP, and then taken in December 2005 by Development Hell.

The first DJs who created the remixes and megamixes are among the best known: Alan Coulthard[1](who is also the creator of "Megamix" 1 taken on behalf of the DMC), Sanny Xenokottas (Sanny X), the Adams, Chad Jackson, Dave Seaman, Steve Anderson, Peter Slaghuis, Daniel Culot (DJ Jaguar from 1986 to 1990, one of the creators/producers of the Belgian new beat movement in 1988), Paul Dakeyne and Ben Liebrand. In February 1983, the megamixes and remixes were first sold in the form of audio cassettes and on vinyl in July 1984. As of 1989, they are published both on CD and vinyl, and they are currently offered in the form of CD.

The DMC is headquartered in Slough, Berkshire, west of London, with offices in New York and has a network of correspondents in antennas in over thirty different countries.


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