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Disconnect Mobile (also known as Disconnect.me) is a partly open source[1] browser extension, Android and iPhone application developed by Brian Kennish and Casey Oppenheim,[2] designed to stop non-consensual third party trackers on those platforms,[3] and providing private web search and private web browsing solutions.[4] As of 2015, Disconnect-Search is the default search engine of the security-focused Tor Browser.[5]

Electronic Frontier Foundation compared this app to its own Privacy Badger browser plugin.[3]

The app was banned from the Google Play Store five days after its release in late August 2014. Google cited a violation of its Terms of Service which prohibit developers from using its store "to distribute apps that interfere with or disrupt the services of any third party".[3][6] This, however, attracted criticism from parties such as EFF (and Disconnect itself) which saw this app as privacy-friendly, and argue that Google's motivations are primarily based on the fact that this app interferes with ad-based revenue models of numerous companies, including Google itself.[3][7][8][9] The app was restored to the Google Play Store two weeks after its initial banning,[10] before being banned for a second time overnight.[11]

In June 2015, Disconnect filed an antitrust complaint against Google.[12]

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