Discordance Axis

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Discordance Axis
OriginEast Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Years active1992–2001
LabelsHydra Head
Associated actsMunicipal Waste, Phantomsmasher, Human Remains, Black Army Jacket, Burnt by the Sun, Gridlink, Deny the Cross
MembersJon Chang
Rob Marton
Dave Witte
Past membersSteve Procopio
Rob Proctor

Discordance Axis was a grindcore band from East Brunswick, New Jersey.


Frontman Jon Chang on the history of the band:

"Discordance Axis was a three piece grind core band that started in NJ around 1992. The band started after myself and Rob's previous band disintegrated and we found Dave at a Human Remains show. We asked him to play a split 7" with us and it snowballed from there.

The pattern was, we got together and wrote and recorded some material, then would part ways. We never really played live much because...well we couldn't manage to sell more than 500 copies of any of our records and we all had conflicting schedules.

We get asked why we only toured Japan. That's easy. That's where all our records sold. And most of the bands we liked were from over there.

Steve Procopio played live a lot with us and recorded the guitar tracks on the Necropolitan EP. Rob Marton plays guitar on every other recording we produced. Steve and Rob were two really gifted people and I feel fortunate to have played with both them and Dave.

There's a much more detailed band history in the Original Sound Version and Jouhou reissue CD's that Hydrahead released, but in brief, Discordance Axis started in 1992 and broke up in 2001. All of our music has been re-issued on CD except for our tracks on the Necropolitan EP(because the master is lost) and our track from the Snarl Out Vol 2 7" comp record.

Jon Chang now sings for Gridlink. Rob Marton writes lots of music but isn't in a band. Dave Witte plays for Municipal Waste (among others)."


In the beginning the band played straightforward grindcore influenced by the likes of Napalm Death, but on later releases they showcased a very original style. Robert Marton played guitar lines that were both technical and dissonant, and added creative overdubs to augment the melodies. Dave Witte added complex rolls, fills, and jarring rhythmic shifts to the usual barrage of blast beats found in grindcore. Jon Chang alternated between a shrill shriek and a "gastrointestinal" roar, and based most of his metaphorical lyrics on novels and anime. The band had no bassist and released the majority of their full-length recordings in DVD cases rather than CD cases coming with unusually large booklets (normally with liner notes for each song longer than the lyrics).


Former members[edit]

  • Steve Procopio – guitar (1997-1998, 2001)
  • Rob Proctor – drums (1995)


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