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Discover Magazine is a 1992-2000 documentary television series that aired on the Disney Channel from 1992-1994 and then on Discovery Channel from 1996-2000. The series is named after the magazine of the same name, Discover Magazine. The Disney Channel series was narrated by actor Joseph Campanella. Discovery Channel series was hosted by Peter DeMeo from 1996-1998. The series was nominated for an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Informational Series" in 1996,[1] 1997 for "Outstanding Non-Fiction Series",[2][3] and 1 other time[4]

The series was created by producer-director Les Guthman at the Walt Disney Company in 1991, after Guthman licensed the television rights to Discover Magazine from Family Media in 1990. (Disney subsequently bought Discover Magazine in 1991.[5]) Guthman produced the series for two seasons on The Disney Channel, 1992-1994, and then working with Disney President and CEO Frank Wells sold the series to Discovery Communications in late 1994, after The Disney Channel abandoned its family-adult prime time schedule.

Discovery Channel episodes[edit]

(in alphabetical order; there may be others)

Disney Channel episodes[edit]

  • "The Ten Great Unanswered Questions of Science"
  • "Ants, with Edward O. Wison"
  • "First Humans, with Jared Diamond"
  • "Dinosaur Heresies, with Bob Bakker"
  • "Keck Telescope"
  • "Magellan Explores Venus"
  • "Super Computer Graphics"
  • "The Prehistoric Origins of Art"
  • "Solar Aquatics"
  • "Ocean Drifters: Charting the Currents"
  • "DNA and Disease"


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