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Discovery Center of Idaho is an interactive science center in Boise, Idaho located at 131 W. Myrtle St. The Discovery Center of Idaho's mission is to inspire lifelong interest and learning in science, technology, engineering and math.[1]

Exhibits and Events[edit]

The Center's exhibition floor is filled with nearly 200 exhibits including the following:

  • Centripetal Wheel - Get this wheel spinning fast enough and watch as the stuffed animals cling to the outer cylinder wall.
  • Dune Machine - Observe as the wind continually shifts the sand around objects, just as it does with snow and sand in nature.
  • Turbulent Orb - Spin this globe and watch the swirling turbulence within.
  • Tornado - Create your own 7 foot tall tornado as it swirls up from the ground.
  • Bernoulli Blower - Suspend large objects in mid-air as the Bernoulli Blower surrounds the object with invisible air flow and keeps objects floating right before your eyes.
  • Bubble Wall - Blow gigantic bubbles from our Bubble Wall exhibit, or see how you can stick your hand through the soapy wall without breaking it.

Rotating Exhibitions[edit]

Approximately bi-annually, exhibits are rotated to make room for new events. The current featured exhibition is "Fizzyology," running since June 6th, 2015, featuring the various sciences behind bubbles.[2]

Member Monday[edit]

On the first Monday of every month, our members are invited to special members-only hours from 5-8pm. The evening includes a special science show, liquid nitrogen ice cream and a chance to roam the Discovery Center in the early evening with fellow members.

Adult Night[edit]

Every other month, the Discovery Center hosts one night for adults over the age of 21. The staff brings in live music, local food and drinks (including the “adult” kind) and tailor the evening around a central topic sure to pique the interest of more mature guests.[3]

Young Discoverers[edit]

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, preschoolers and their parents (or accompanying adult) are invited to explore and play together with a special activity. Held throughout the year at 10:30am.

Camps and Classes[edit]

The Discovery Center hosts camps during all Treasure Valley school breaks and additional classes on Saturdays during the school year.


  • Boise Weekly Best Local Cultural Attraction or Museum 2012


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