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Discovery Space
Web address
Type of site
space, astronomy
Registration Not required
Available in English
Owner Discovery Channel & Discovery Communications
Launched June 6, 2008
Current status Active

Discovery Space [1] is a Web site launched by Discovery Communications LLC (DCI) on Friday June 6, 2008.[1] Its sister site -- Discovery Technology [2]—was launched concurrently.

Along with Discovery Technology, Discovery Space is viewed as a key part of Discovery's strategy to maintain a strong online presence.[2]

Topics covered by the Web site's writers and bloggers were about human spaceflight, unmanned spaceflight, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, particle physics, planetary science, space policy, space culture, student science, and other space-related subjects.

The Lowell Observatory is partnered with Discovery Space and is providing StarTales content [3] to the site.


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