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Discovery Turbo
Discovery Turbo logo
Launched 16 March 2005
19 May 2005
(Latin America)
18 October 2005
November 2005
1 March 2007
(United Kingdom)
September 22, 2008
(Asia and Australia)
January 28, 2010
1 November 2015
(New Zealand)
Closed 7 July 2014
(Asia except Australia and India)
4 August 2014
31 July 2015 (Spain)
Owned by Discovery Inc.
Audience share UK:
0.07% (April 2017 (2017-04), BARB)
Formerly called Discovery Turbo MAX (2009–2015) (Australia only)
Replaced Discovery Wings (UK)
Discovery Kids (UK)
Replaced by DMAX (Asia)
Timeshift service Discovery Turbo +1 (UK and Ireland only)
Sky (Great Britain) Channel 161
Channel 261 (+1)
Sky (Ireland and NI) Channel 188
Channel 288 (+1)
DirecTV Channel 736
Movistar Colombia
Channel 360
Virgin Media
Channel 261
Channel 81
Channel 634 (Discovery Turbo MAX, HD Digital)
Channel 635 (Discovery Turbo MAX +2, HD Digital)
Conexion digital express
(Bogotá and Kennedy, Colombia)
Channel 49 (Digital)
HV televisión
(Bogotá and Soacha, Colombia)
Channel 42 (Digital)
FJ CableTV Bogotá Fibra Optica
Channel 95 (Digital - Standard and Premium)
Channel 111 (Digital)
Claro Colombia
Channel 313 (Digital)
Claro TV
(Dominican Republic)
Channel 310
Eir Vision Channel 524
Streaming media
TVPlayer Watch live (UK only) (TVPlayer Plus subscription required)
Virgin TV Anywhere Watch live (UK only)

Discovery Turbo (previously known as Discovery Turbo MAX in Australia) is a television channel devoted to programming about transport. It is similar to Discovery Velocity and Velocity. It was also briefly available as an on-demand service in the US in the late 2000s.

The original logo from March 1, 2007 to September 30, 2011 for UK and Latin America except in Asia and Australia on July 7, 2014.


Discovery Turbo UK[edit]

It launched on 1 March 2007, replacing Discovery Wings and Discovery Kids.[2]

Discovery Turbo Asia[edit]

Discovery Turbo launched in Southeast Asia on September 22, 2008. Discovery Turbo Asia ended its broadcast on July 7, 2014 at 5:59 am as it has been rebranded to DMAX Asia starting at 6:00 am on the same day.

Discovery Turbo India[edit]

The channel launched on January 28, 2010.[3]

Discovery Turbo Australia[edit]

In Australia, the channel first launched in 2008[specify] on SelecTV, replacing Discovery Real Time which previously launched on 15 March 2007.[4][better source needed] The channel ceased being available in late 2010 following SelecTV's closure of its English service.[5] A separate feed[citation needed], named Discovery Turbo MAX, launch on 15 November 2009 on the Foxtel platform.[6] At launch, the channel was also available on a two-hour delay, with the timeshift channel called Discovery Turbo MAX +2.[6] In May 2015,[specify] the channel rebranded as Discovery Turbo, seeing it change to a similar branding to that used by other Discovery Turbo channels around the world.[citation needed]

Discovery Turbo New Zealand[edit]

In New Zealand, the channel is known as Discovery Turbo, with similar branding and content to other Discovery Turbo channels around the world. It launched on 1 November 2015 on channel 75 exclusively to Sky Television.[7][8]

DTX in Europe[edit]

In Europe, the channel is known as DTX (formerly known Discovery Turbo Xtra), with similar branding and content to other Discovery Turbo channels around the world. It launched on 17 September 2013 in Poland, replaced Discovery World, and later roll-out in Turkey and Eastern Europe. However, later in Poland, in second half of November 2016, DTX replaced Discovery Turbo Xtra.


U.K. and Ireland[edit]

Asia (2008–2014) New Zealand and Australia[edit]

Latin America[edit]

  • A Bike is Born
  • American Chopper
  • American Hot Rod
  • Auto Trader
  • Beetle Crisis
  • Campervan Crisis
  • Chasing Classic Cars
  • Concorde: The Final Flight
  • Destroyed in Seconds
  • The Detonators
  • Engineering Le Mans
  • Extreme Machines
  • Firepower
  • Flight Deck
  • Flying Heavy Metal
  • Futureweapons
  • Garage Dreams
  • The Garage
  • The Great Biker Build-Off
  • The Greatest Ever
  • Hard Shine
  • Heartland Thunder
  • Hyperspeed
  • Kit Car Crisis
  • Los CARvotta
  • Marine Machines
  • Mark Williams On The Rails
  • Martin Shaw: Aviators
  • Monster Garage
  • Overhaulin'
  • Racer Girls
  • Robocars
  • Sunrides Earth
  • Trainspotting
  • Trains With Pete Waterman
  • Ultimate Biker Challenge
  • Ultimate Car Build-Off
  • Vroom Vroom
  • Warbots
  • Weaponology
  • Weaponizers
  • Weeeee Cars
  • Weird Wheels
  • What's My Car Worth?
  • Wheeler Dealers
  • World's Biggest Airliner: Building The Airbus A380
  • Wrecks to Riches


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