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Coordinates: 24°19′21″N 120°41′44″E / 24.32250°N 120.69556°E / 24.32250; 120.69556

Lihpao Land
View of Lihpao Land.jpg
General information
Type Amusement park
Location Houli, Taichung, Taiwan
Opening July 1998[1]
Technical details
Floor area 200 hectares

Lihpao Land (Chinese: 麗寶樂園; pinyin: Lìbǎo Lèyuán) is a theme park located in Houli District, Taichung, Taiwan.[2][3]

It currently has two roller coasters, including Gravity Max, the world's first coaster to feature a true 90-degree drop and the world's only tilt coaster. Besides Gravity Max, Discovery World has several themed areas with varied attractions, such as the Mine Express roller coaster, the Hook (a pirate ship ride), and the Wild Flume Adventure, a reversing log flume attraction.


The theme park was originally established on July 1998 as Yamay Recreation World or Yamay Discovery World. It was renamed to Lihpao Land in 2012.


Sky Dream
  • Discovery Walk
  • D Street
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Fairy Tale Village
  • Palace of Dreams
  • Yamay Island
  • Sky Dream (Taiwan's tallest ferris wheel, It's a 120-metre (394 ft) tall giant Ferris wheel of Lihpao Land, in Taichung, Taiwan.)


The theme park is accessible by bus from Fengyuan Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.[4]

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