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Discus was a progressive rock band from Indonesia. The group formed in 1996, and has since disbanded.


  • Iwan Hasan: guitar, 21-string harpguitar, Balinese rindik, electronic percussion & lead vocals
  • Anto Praboe: flute, soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, clarinet & bass clarinet (died in 2010)
  • Eko Partitur: violin & electronics
  • Fadhil Indra: keyboards, background vocals
  • Hayunaji]]: premier drums & electronic percussions
  • Kiki Caloh: 5-string & fretless bass
  • Krisna Prameswara: keyboards, MIDI percussion programming
  • Nonnie: lead vocals (Died)


  • 1st (1999)
  • ...Tot licht! (2004)