Disgorge (Mexican band)

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Origin Querétaro, Mexico
Genres Death metal, goregrind
Years active 1993-present
Labels Xtreem Music
Members Gerardo

Disgorge is a Mexican goregrind band.



Album Year
Chronic Corpora Infest 1998
Forensick 2000
Necrholocaust 2003
Gore Blessed to the Worms 2006


Album Year Comments
Gorelics 2001 Contains all the band's demos

Live albums[edit]

Album Year Format Comments
Masacre Fest (Mexico City 2003-2004) 2004 DVD Contains live footage of Disgorge and the bands Cacofonía, C.A.R.N.E, Semen, and Oxidised Razor
Live in Germany 2006 CD Live album recorded in Germany in 2001 during the promotional tour for the album Forensick in Europe
Live in Moscow 23/11/08 2009 DVD Recorded in Moscow during the "15th Anniversary Brutality Tour"


Album Year Comments
Oz Live! 2000 Live split with the bands Buried Dreams, Shamash and Dies Irae
Barefoot and Hungry/Goremassacre Perversity 2001 Split with the pornogrind band Cock and Ball Torture
Grind Your Fucking Head 2002 Split with the goregrind band Squash Bowels
Morgue Metal 2011 Split with the goregrind band Haemorrhage