Dish of the Day (album)

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Dish of the Day
Dish of the Day (Fools Garden album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary, 1995
ProducerVolker Hinkel, Bernd Hasebrink and Fool's Garden
Fool's Garden chronology
Once in a Blue Moon
Dish of the Day
Go and Ask Peggy for the Principal Thing
Singles from Dish of the Day
  1. "Wild Days"
    Released: 1994
  2. "Lemon Tree"
    Released: 1995
  3. "Wild Days (re-release)"
    Released: 1996
  4. "Pieces"
    Released: 1996

Dish of the Day is the third album by the German rock band Fool's Garden. Released in 1995, the most notable song is the world-famous "Lemon Tree".

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Peter Freudenthaler [1]

1."Ordinary Man"Freudenthaler, Hinkel3:30
2."Meanwhile"Freudenthaler, Hinkel4:41
3."Lemon Tree"Freudenthaler, Hinkel3:11
4."Pieces"Freudenthaler, Hinkel3:55
5."Take Me"Freudenthaler, Hinkel, Röhl, Mangold, Wochele4:17
6."Wild Days"Freudenthaler, Hinkel3:46
7."The Seal"Freudenthaler, Hinkel4:22
8."Autumn"Freudenthaler, Hinkel3:43
9."The Tocsin"Freudenthaler, Hinkel, Röhl2:50
10."Finally"Hinkel, Claus-Dieter Wissler4:30
11."One Fine Day"Freudenthaler, Hinkel7:02


  • Peter Freudenthaler - vocals
  • Volker Hinkel - guitars, backing vocals, programming
  • Roland Röhl - keyboards
  • Thomas Mangold - bass
  • Rafl Wochele - drums, backing vocals
  • Gitte Haus, Tina Müller, Julia Noch and Karin Rossow - backing vocals


  • Wild Days (1st version)
  • Lemon Tree
  • Wild Days (re-release)
  • Pieces


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