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Neighbourhood in Asansol
Dishergarh is located in West Bengal
Location in West Bengal, India
Coordinates: 23°41′N 86°51′E / 23.69°N 86.85°E / 23.69; 86.85Coordinates: 23°41′N 86°51′E / 23.69°N 86.85°E / 23.69; 86.85
Country  India
State West Bengal
District Paschim Bardhaman
Demonym(s) Asansolians / Asansolites/ Asansolbashi
 • Official Bengali, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 713333
Telephone code 0341
Vehicle registration WB-38, WB-44

Dishergarh is the South-Western neighbourhood in Asansol,[1] in Asansol Sadar subdivision of Paschim Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is situated at the border of the Puruliya district and Paschim Bardhaman district in West Bengal. The Purulia - Barakar State Highway passes through Dishergarh. The neighbourhood is located on the banks of Damodar River.


According to popular belief, the name "Dishergarh" originated from "Shergarh" i.e. "The Fort of Sher Afghan", the Jagirdar of Burdwan. The British referral to the place as "The Shergarh" slowly transformed into "Dishergarh". Probably, this fort was a holiday resort of Sher Afghan who was the first husband of Mehr- un - nissa (later Noor Jejan after getting married to Jehangir). It is said that Jehangir got Sher Afghan killed to possess Mehr - un - nissa whose renowned beauty he was obsessed with. Although, there is no direct evidence to prove that Sher Afghan used to visit Shergarh with Mehr - un - nissa, some local names nearby the area point its link towards royalty. For example, Hatinal (meaning place for elephants), Mahotdih (meaning place for Mahots), Sanctoria (meaning place for shell - work). Remnants of a semicurcular mote, ideal in design as a defensive canal, can be found even today, very prominent at Bhanga Pool area on the way to Barakar and also at Sodepur.

During the British rule, Dishergarh (or The Shergarh) was one of their important locations in terms of commerce. The colony had one of the oldest European Clubs and tennis courts of the area, the remnants of which are visible up to this day.


Asansol is composed of undulating laterite region. The Damodar River flows through this area. For ages the area was heavily forested and infested with plunderers and marauders. The discovery of coal led to industrialisation of the area and most of the forests have been cleared.

The area forms the lowest step of the Chota Nagpur Plateau. The general scenario is undulating land with scattered hills. It is located North of Damodar River.

Dishergarh is at the confluence of the Damodar River and Barakar River with Khudia river as the 'falgu nadi', thus making it a Triveni Sangam, an auspicious happening for Hindus.

Asansol Municipal Corporation[edit]

According to the Kolkata Gazette notification of 3 June 2015, the municipal areas of Kulti, Raniganj and Jamuria were included within the jurisdiction of Asansol Municipal Corporation.[2]


It mainly consists of Bengali and Hindi-speaking people from Bihar and Jharkhand.


It is an important coal mining area of Eastern Coalfields Ltd., a subsidiary of Coal India Limited. This area of Paschim Bardhaman district is linked with Par Beliya under Neturia Police Station in Purulia District with a bridge across the Damodar River.

The headquarters of Eastern Coalfields Ltd., a subsidiary of Coal India Limited is situated in Dishergarh. There is a Training Institute for Coal India Employees.

The Dishergarh Power Supply Company also has its Central office at Dishergarh with the main power plant being located at Chinakuri.

The place basically consists of a straight road which bifurcates at the Post Office more, one towards Neamatpur and the other towards Barakar . The place also consists of the Eastern Coalfields Ltd. office at Sanctoria, Central Office of Dishergarh Power Supply Company, some commercial establishments and residential areas thereafter.


Chhinnamasta Temple[edit]

There is Chhinnamasta Temple on the banks of the Damodar River. Melas are held every year in makuri saptami to ekadashi the Temple Surroundings. The Local People call this Mela as Chhinnamastar Mela.

Sher Shah Baba's Mazar[edit]

There is also a pilgrimage centre for Muslim community known to the local people as Sher Shah Baba ka Mazar. Melas are also held generally during the months of March and April. The local language of this area is Hindi and Bengali.

Other temlpes: Babubasa Kali Temple (বাবুবাসা কালী মন্দির), Hanuman Temple (বাবাজী মন্দির)

Purbachal park[edit]

There is a purbachal park on the banks of the Damodar River.

Educational institutions[edit]

Dishergarh A.C. Institution, Sanctoria-Dishergarh Girls High School, Sanctoria High School (old name Sanctoria Junior High School) are the main schools in Dishergarh. However the medium of Instruction in these schools is through Bengali Language. Nearby English Medium Schools are St. Patricks High School, St. Vincents School, and Loreto Convent in Asansol, The Assembly of God Church School at Sodepur and De-Nobili Schools at Mugma and Maithon in Dhanbad district in Jharkhand.


Regular Mini Bus services are available to Asansol (18 km from Dishergarh) and Barakar (7 km).

The Purulia - Barakar State Highway passes through Dishergarh. Long distance private buses running between Asansol and Purulia (71 km from Dishergarh) have a stoppage at Dishergarh. One can also go to Ranchi (190 km from Dishergarh) or Jamshedpur as direct bus service is available but their count is very small.

Dishergarh has a direct bus connectivity with Kolkata (250 km from Dishergarh) by 4 buses run by the South Bengal State Transport Corporation from Purulia to Kolkata via Durgapur. These buses provide a halt here. It takes only 5 - 5.5 hours by these buses to reach Kolkata. Out of the four, one is a Night-Service Bus.

But there is no railway connectivity to Dishergarh. One has to go to Asansol, Barakar, Kulti or Sitarampur stations for catching a train.

Tourist attraction[edit]

  • Maithon - The Lake at Maithon is spread across an area of 65 km2. Boating is available here. A Bird Sanctuary and Deer park is also present near this place. From Dishergarh, the distance is 15 km.
  • Kalyaneshwari temple - This temple of Maa Kalyaneshwari is very close to Maithon.
  • Panchet - Around 10 km from Dishergarh, it is a popular picnic spot.
  • Ajodhya Hills - It is a hill located in the Purulia district of the state West Bengal, India. The nearby populated town area is Bagmundi. It is a popular place for young mountaineers to learn the basic course in rock climbing. There is a Forest Rest House here. Near Ajodhya Hills, there is Turga Dam and the Lake, and the pleasant waterfall formed by the River Bamni. The site of the Turga Dam site is a perfect tourist spot, where the visitors can spend their day.
  • Garh Panchkot - It is a remote place in the district of Purulia, West Bengal. The ruins of the Panchkot Palace are a silent testimony to the Bargi attack during the 18th century. Garh Panchkot also has a very beautiful Bungalow owned and operated by the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation.
  • Joychandi Pahar – It is a picnic spot and centre for rock climbing training is about 30 km from Dishergarh.
  • Churulia - where the poet - Kazi Nazrul Islam was born. He is considered the national poet of Bangladesh. The village is about 35 km from Dishergarh, and contains a museum with his works and a memorial.
  • Gunjan Ecological Park - Nearly 25 km from Dishergarh, this ia a social welfare project of Asansol Police located on G.T. Road at Nigha under Jamuria P.S. It was earlier an abandoned O.C.P. of Eastern Coalfields Limited and was a den of criminals and illegally-mined-coal racketeers. Shri Somen Mitra, IPS, the then Addl S P of Asansol took the initiative to get that area under control of the Asansol police.
  • Gangtikulli Island - There is also an island in Damodar river called Gangtikullii for its Jujube(Kul in Bengali) Forest. There are many coal mines of Bengal Coal Ltd. It is also a picnic spot.

Nearly 300 acres (1.2 km2) of land with waterbody is now an attraction for the citizens of Asansol, with a mini-zoo and a children's park. During winter, the lake supports hundreds of migratory birds. An anglers' club also exists at the Ecological Park. Asansol police is in a process to develop the area in association with ECL, SAIL-ISP and ADDA.


The 250-bed Sanctoria Hospital of Eastern Coalfields is located at Dishergarh.[3]


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  • Web sites of companies operating in the area.