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Directed by Sasi
Produced by Viswanathan Ravichandran
Written by Sasi
Starring Jiiva
Guinness Pakru
Venkat Prabhu
Malavika Avinash
Music by Vijay Antony
Cinematography Santonio Terzio
Distributed by Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd
Release date
  • 2 February 2006 (2006-02-02)
Running time
137 minutes
Language Tamil

Dishyum is a 2006 Tamil romance film directed by Sasi. The film stars Jiiva, Sandhya, Undapakru, Venkat Prabhu, Nassar and Malavika Avinash. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Vijay Antony of Sukran fame. The story tells a love relationship between a stuntman and an art student providing plenty of exciting scenes along the way.


The movie is all about an affair between a stuntman and a student who pursues courses on arts and sculpture. A case of persons of two different thoughts and two extremes coming together.

'Risk' Bhaskar (Jiiva), a stuntman in films, comes across Cinthya (Sandhya), a college student. A couple of meetings help them to get acquainted with each other. Through Baskar, she comes to know of the difficulties stuntmen face in their everyday work. Life is a daily risk for them, she understands. Cinthya’s care and affection makes Baskar develop love towards her. However, coming to know that she is not interested in reciprocating his love, he wants to leave from her life. Missing his company, Cinthya calls on him and urges him to be himself and continue their friendship.

Not wanting to miss his company, Cinthya promises to marry Baskar in case she develops love towards him in future or if not they would part as friends after sometime. Baskar, a happy-go-lucky youngster, tries all means to impress Cinthya. However, Malar (Anee Malavika), Cinthya's mother, coming to know of their relationship, opposes it. Meanwhile, she loses her husband Jayachandran (Nassar), a fire and rescue personnel, while he is dousing a major blaze. She immediately decides to get her daughter married and even arranges her wedding. The rest is about interesting turn of events and an answer to the question whether Baskar and Cinthya reunite.


Actor Role
Jiiva 'Risk' Bhaskar
Sandhya Cinthya
Guinness Pakru Amitabh
Nassar Jayachandran
Anee Malavika Malar
Kaajal Pasupathi
Vijay Sethupathi
Venkat Prabhu
Kasi Kasi
SJ Suryah Cameo [1]
Vishal Cameo [1][2]


The producers of the film had initially signed Pooja Umashankar to play the lead role in January 2004, before Sandhya replaced her.[3]


Dishyum: The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Vijay Antony
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Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 22:34
Label The Best Audio
Producer Vijay Antony
Vijay Antony chronology
Iruvar Maatum
(2006)Iruvar Maatum2006
Dhisyum NinaithaleString Module Error: Match not foundString Module Error: Match not found

The lyrics were penned by Vairamuthu, Vijay Anthony and Pugazhendhi.[4]

No. Song Singers Length (m:ss) Lyricist Notes
1 Bhoomiku Gayathri, Vijay Antony 4:37 Vairamuthu
2 Dailamo Dailamo Sangeetha Rajeshwaran, Vijay Antony 4:28 Vijay Antony
3 Kitta Neringivaadi Gayathri, Sukhwinder Singh 4:17 Vairamuthu
4 Nenjangootil Jayadev, Rajalakshmi 4:36 Vairamuthu
5 Poo Meedhu Malgudi Subha 4:36 Pugazhendhi

Reception[edit] review said that "it is an absorbing story telling with minimum fuss for the youth" and gave it 3/5.[5] review said that "is a feel-good movie for youngsters".[6] gave a verdict that the film is "enjoyable".[7]

  • The film grossed $1 million at the box office.
  • This film was made after Jiiva's success of Raam.
  • It also starred Guinness Pakru, a promising 3 ft dwarf.
  • It was Sasi's third film after Sollamalae and Roja Kootam.


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