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Saint Disibod (619–700) was an Irish monk and hermit, first mentioned in a martyrologium by Hrabanus Maurus (9th century). Hildegard of Bingen around 1170 composed a vita of Saint Disibod [1]

According to Hildegard's vita, Disibod came to the Frankish Empire in 640 as a missionary, accompanied by his disciples Giswald, Clemens and Sallust. They were active in the Vosges and Ardennes, until, guided by a dream, Disibod built a cell at the confluence of the rivers Nahe and Glan, the location of the later monastery of Disibodenberg.

Coordinates: 49°46′37″N 7°42′04″E / 49.777°N 7.701°E / 49.777; 7.701


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