Disinfectant (software)

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Developer(s)John Norstad at Northwestern University
Initial releaseMarch 18, 1989; 34 years ago (1989-03-18)[1]
Final release
3.7.1 / July 1997; 25 years ago (1997-07)[2]
Operating systemClassic Mac OS

Disinfectant was a popular antivirus software program for the classic Mac OS. It was originally released as freeware by John Norstad in the spring of 1989.[3] Disinfectant featured a system extension that would detect virus infections and an application with which users could scan for and remove viruses.[4] New versions of Disinfectant were subsequently released to detect additional viruses.[4] Bob LeVitus praised and recommended Disinfectant in 1992.[5] In May 1998, Norstad retired Disinfectant, citing the new danger posed by macro viruses, which Disinfectant did not detect, and the inability of a single individual to maintain a program that caught all of them.[3][6]


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