Disk Drill Basic

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Disk Drill Basic
Developer(s) CleverFiles
Stable release 2.4.437
Operating system Mac OS X and Windows
Type Data recovery
License Free
Website cleverfiles.com

Disk Drill Basic is a freeware version of Disk Drill,[1][2] data recovery application for Mac OS X, developed by CleverFiles. Disk Drill Basic was introduced in 2010[3] and was primarily designed to recover deleted or lost files from hard disk drives, USB flash drives and SSD drives with the help of Recovery Vault[4] technology.

Recovery Vault[edit]

The core of Disk Drill Basic[5] is a Recovery Vault[6] technology which allows to recover data from a media that was secured by Recovery Vault beforehand. Recovery Vault runs as a background service and remembers all metadata and properties of the deleted data. Thus making it possible to restore deleted files with their original file names and location.

Supported file systems[edit]

Disk Drill Basic provides recovery from HFS/HFS+ and FAT disks/partitions (only the paid Pro version can actually recover files, the Free version will only allow Previewing files).

Data Backup[edit]

Disk Drill Basic can be also used as a backup utility for creating copies of the disk or partition in DMG images[7] format.

Version for Windows OS[edit]

In February 2015, CleverFiles have launched a Windows version of its data recovery software for Mac OS. While in beta, Disk Drill for Windows is licensed as a freeware and allows to recover the deleted files from storage devices that can be accessed from Windows PC. Disk Drill for Windows also includes the Recovery Vault technology [8] and works on any Windows XP system or newer (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10). The software is compatible with FAT and NTFS, as well as HFS+ and EXT2/3/4 file systems.

Release history[edit]

Version Platform Release date Notes and significant changes
1.0.47 Beta Macintosh September 2010
  • First Beta.
1.0.52 Beta Macintosh September 2010
  • The first public release
1.0.62 Macintosh November 2010
  • In-app navigation.
  • New uninstaller.
  • Better support of the disks used for Time Machine backups
1.1 Macintosh February 2011
  • Totally new Deep Scan algorithm
  • Recovery and scanning sessions management
  • S.M.A.R.T. disk diagnostics added
  • Portable Mode introduced
  • Interactive scanning and recovery dialogs
1.4 Macintosh August 2011
  • Guaranteed Recovery algorithm introduced
1.7 Macintosh February 2012
  • Thunderbolt support
  • Full support of new Growl's features
1.8 Macintosh May 2012
  • New file signatures were added to Deep Scan's database
  • The speed of Quick Scan was significantly improved
  • Integration with OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center
2.0 [9] Macintosh May 2013
  • Completely Redesigned UI
  • HFS+ Catalog file rebuild function
  • Universal Partition Search function
  • Scan for Lost HFS+ Partition method
  • Mount Scanning Results As Disk function
  • Better Deep Scan file naming
2.1 Macintosh December 2013
  • updated Directory Rebuild recovery algorithm
  • additional disk image formats can now be attached in Disk Drill: .raw, .dd and .img
  • extended disk health monitoring for I/O errors
  • new file signatures: EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile), LNK (MS Windows Link), DPX (Cineon image file)
  • 64-bit ready internal daemon (responsible for Recovery Vault, S.M.A.R.T. stats and Guaranteed Recovery)
2.2 Macintosh March 2014
  • More file type signatures added to Deep Scan
  • Completely redesigned HFS+ Catalog File Rebuild recovery algorithm
2.3 Macintosh August 2014
  • More file type signatures added to Deep Scan
  • Disk Drill interface is retina-ready
  • New drive blocks reading indication
  • Support of EXFAT within Deep Scan
2.4 Macintosh August 2014
  • New disk space visualization module
  • Recoverable files can now be previewed with hex view
  • Mounted disks and disk images can now be ejected right from Disk Drill
  • “Allocate Existing File System Data” scan method is now available for free in Disk Drill Basic
  • Support the recovery of stereo images in MPO format
2.4.437 [10] Macintosh December 2015
  • Deep Scan: DNG (Adobe Lightroom Raw images) recovery with Deep Scan
  • Damaged drives: bad sectors management improvements
  • File systems: Quick Scan internal procedures updated
  • Internal: software protection and activation improved
  • Fixed: occasional exceptions on OS X 10.6.8
1.0 Windows February 2015
  • Disk Drill version for Windows released [11]
1.0.188 [12] Windows June 2015
  • new: multi-format byte-to-byte disk backups (ISO, IMG)
  • improved: search in found items after scanning for recoverable data
  • improved: smoother scrolling in scanning results
  • improved: disks and partitions visibility status in the main screen
  • improved: FAT and NTFS systems low-level reading

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