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Disko Line A/S
Industry Transport
Founded 2004
Headquarters Ilulissat, Greenland
Area served
Disko Bay, Greenland
Key people
Ole Dorph
Products Coastal trade and passenger ferry
Parent Topas Travel (partial)
Website diskoline.gl

Disko Line A/S is a passenger and freight ferry line in western Greenland.[1] It was founded in 2004[2] as a small freight company.

Complementary transport services[edit]

Diskoline headquarters in Ilulissat

Diskoline provides sea transport services on contract with the Government of Greenland, serving towns and settlements of the Disko Bay region in western Greenland, from Aasiaat Archipelago in the south, through Disko Island and southern Nuussuaq Peninsula in the north, to the eastern coast of Disko Bay in the east. The routes are operated during spring, summer, and fall, when the bay is navigable, complementing the air connections operated by Air Greenland during winter, also on governmental contract. The line also provides various tourist charter services in the region.


As of 2010, Diskoline operates 7 ships[3] able to carry between 10 and 60 passengers.[2] Routes served:[4]

Vessel Capacity Routes
Najaaraq Ittuk 60 Ilulissat − Aasiaat − Qeqertarsuaq
Ilulissat − Qeqertarsuaq
Ilulissat − Qeqertarsuaq − Aasiaat
Ilulissat − Qasigiannguit − Aasiaat − Qeqertarsuaq
Ilulissat − Uummannaq
Aleqa Ittuk 36 Ilulissat − Ilimanaq
Ilulissat − Oqaatsut − Qeqertaq − Saqqaq
Aviaq Ittuk 36 Aasiaat − Kangaatsiaq − Attu − Iginniarfik − Ikerasaarsuk − Niaqornaarsuk
Aasiaat − Akunnaaq − Ikamiut − Qasigiannguit
Aasiaat − Kitsissuarsuit − Qeqertarsuaq
Aasiaat − Kangaatsiaq
Aasiaat − Ikamiut − Qasigiannguit − Ilulissat
Sapangaq 36
Nanuaaraq 23 Ilulissat − Ilimanaq − Qasigiannguit
Ilulissat − Oqaatsut − Qeqertaq − Saqqaq
Ilulissat − Qeqertarsuaq
Nanoq 12
Ulu 10

Connections to regions in northwestern Greenland[edit]

The port in Ilulissat is one of two home ports for Diskoline, alongside Aasiaat port.

Diskoline is the only passenger line linking Disko Bay with Uummannaq in the Uummannaq Fjord region after Arctic Umiaq Line sold M/S Sarpik Ittuk, one of its two large passenger ships, in 2006[5]−leaving the regions without a maritime connection.

Extension of the service from Uummannaq to Upernavik was studied in 2007, however in light of the DKK 13 mln subsidy from the government required to make the route operating at a break-even level, the subsidy was refused, and the plans were scrapped.[6]

As of 2010 transport services between Upernavik Archipelago and the Uummannaq Fjord region are provided by infrequent cargo/ferry ships of Royal Arctic Line,[7] and by Air Greenland via Upernavik Airport, Uummannaq Heliport, and the transfer point at Qaarsut Airport.[8]


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