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Disney's Animal Kingdom is a theme park located at the Walt Disney World Resort. Below is a list of the past and present attractions at this park, arranged by "land" and with brief descriptions. Disney had announced plans to add an area themed to Avatar.[1]

Restaurants, shops, and character meets are listed in this article. The term "attractions" is used by Disney as a catch-all term for rides, shows, and exhibits.

Discovery Island[edit]

Current attractions[edit]

Past attractions[edit]

Originally opened on April 22, 1998. Closed in September 1998 and re-opened as Discovery River Taxis in November 1998. The attraction closed again in January 1999, only to be re-opened yet again in March 1999, this time as the Disney Radio River Cruise.

Past Entertainment[edit]

  • Mickey’s Jammin' Jungle Parade
  • March of the Art-imals Parade


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Current attractions[edit]

Rafiki's Planet Watch[edit]

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Current attractions[edit]


Current attractions[edit]

DinoLand U.S.A.[edit]

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Current Attractions[edit]

Past Attractions[edit]

  • Tarzan Rocks
  • Cretaceous Trail
  • Journey into the Jungle Book

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