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Disney Character Voices International
Dubbing Disney products
Founded1988; 30 years ago (1988)
FounderMichael Eisner
HeadquartersUnited States, Walt Disney Studios (Burbank)

Disney Character Voices International, Inc. is a corporate division of The Walt Disney Company with primary responsibility for the provision of translation and dubbing services for all Disney productions including those by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Disney Music Group, and Disney Media Distribution.

The DCVI's offices are situated in the Walt Disney Studios at Burbank, in the Old Animation Building.[1]

List of languages by DCVI[edit]

Most of Disney's productions officially appear in the following global languages after the original English language. Obviously, the exceptions are when the original language of the production is not English, which is very rare.

Dubbings systematically released[edit]

Languages in which most Disney movies are regularly released:

Dubbings occasionally released[edit]

Languages in which only one or few Disney movies have been dubbed:

Dubbings released on TV channels only[edit]

Languages in which one or several Disney movies have been dubbed for TV:

Unofficial and semiofficial Disney dubbings[edit]

There's a number of partially or fully independent studios (usually local TV stations) which have dubbed one or several Disney movies in their local languages:


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