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Disney Enterprises may refer to:

  • Disney Enterprises, Inc., a renaming of the former publicly traded entity known as The Walt Disney Company, prior to the 1996 merger with Capital Cities/ABC; and after the completion of the merger, Disney Enterprises, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of the newly formed publicly traded company henceforth known as the The Walt Disney Company.
    Disney Enterprises, Inc. is the registered owner of Disney-branded trademarks, copyrights and other IP assets not otherwise held by a separate subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, such as: ABC, Marvel Entertainment or Lucasfilm.
  • Disney Consumer Products, a merchandising/licensing division of The Walt Disney Company.
  • Retlaw Enterprises, originally Walt Disney Inc. then WED Enterprises, was Walt Disney's personal corporation that once owned the rights to his name and other properties affiliated with Walt Disney Productions and Disneyland, and later on when divested of those rights, became a real estate and TV stations holding company.
  • WED Enterprises, original name for Walt Disney Imagineering when the name and the theme park design and architectural group was purchased by Walt Disney Productions from Retlaw Enterprises