Disney Magazine

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Disney Magazine
Disney Magazine logo.jpg
the Disney Magazine logo until April 2005
Categories Children, Entertainment, News
Frequency Monthly
Circulation Worldwide
Publisher The Walt Disney Company
Founder The Walt Disney Company
Year founded December 1965
First issue Winter 1965-1966 (as Disney News)
Final issue Summer 2005 (as Disney Magazine)
Company The Walt Disney Company
Country  United States
Language English
Website see below

Disney Magazine was an official Disney magazine that was published quarterly from December 1965 to April 2005.


The magazine began life as Disney News in December 1965. The first issue was 16 pages long, and the cover showed Walt Disney surrounded by several costumed characters in front of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. The magazine was initially a free benefit for members of the Magic Kingdom Club but later started charging a cover price (discounted for members).

The publication changed its name to Disney Magazine in January 1994 to better reflect the increased size and content of the magazine. When Disney ended the Magic Kingdom Club in January 2001, the magazine continued, but circulation numbers began dropping.

Publication ended with the Summer 2005[1] issue. Subscribers were offered subscriptions to either FamilyFun or Disney Adventures, or refunds. The magazine's website said the end was due to an increase of people choosing to find information on the Internet, and thus lack of readership.


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