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Disney XD
Netherlands and Flanders
Disney XD - 2015.svg
Launched 2 August 1997 (Fox Kids)
13 February 2005 (Jetix)
1 January 2010 (Disney XD)
Owned by Disney–ABC Television Group
Picture format 16:9 576p (SDTV) and 16:9 1080p (HDTV) on time sharing with Veronica HD and 24 our HD version on some operators.
Audience share 1.3% (2012, [1])
Language Dutch/Flemish (dubbing) and original language (dual audio option Dutch/Flemish dubbing/original language)
Broadcast area Netherlands
Belgium (Flanders)
Headquarters Bergweg 50 Hilversum, Netherlands
Sister channel(s) Disney Junior
Disney Channel
Website www.disneyxd.nl; disneyxd.be redirects to NL site
Availability (see Veronica (TV channel) for the availability of the 12-hour version)
Digitenne Channel 9 (SD)
Edpnet digitv Channel 9 (SD)
TV Vlaanderen (Flanders) Channel 43 (12 hours)
Ziggo* Channel 301 (24 hours)
Telenet* (Flanders) Channel 601 (Flanders)
Channel 701 (Brussels)
Caiway Twente/Cogas* Channel 301 (24 hours)
Caiway* Channel 54 (24 hours)
Caiway Albrandswaard* Channel 60 (24 hours)
Delta Channel 262 SD (24 hours)
Proximus* (Flanders) Channel 136 (12 hours)
KPN Channel 32 SD 24 hours and Channel 728 HD 24 hours
Telfort Channel 32 SD 24 hours and Channel 728 HD 24 hours
XS4All Channel 32 SD 24 hours and Channel 728 HD 24 hours
Tele2 Channel 9 (12 Hours)
Online Channel 8 (12 hours)
SNOW (Belgium) (12 hours)
Vodafone* (Netherlands) Channel 181 HD (24 hours)
OnsBrabantNet (Netherlands) Channel 50 SD and 728 HD (24 hours)
ON (Netherlands) Channel 50 SD and 728 HD (24 hours)
Streaming media
Horizon Horizon.tv (24 hours, Netherlands only)
SNOW multi-scherm Disney (Belgium) (12 hours)
KPN Play (Netherlands) (12 hours)
KPN iTV Online (Netherlands) (24 hours)
Telfort iTV Online (Netherlands) (24 hours)
XS4All Web TV (Netherlands) (24 hours)
Tele2 Online TV (Netherlands) (12 hour)
Online.nl (Netherlands) (12 hour)
Vodafone TV Anywhere (Netherlands)

(12 hour)

* distributed with dual audio channels only on the 24 hour version

Disney XD broadcasts 12 hours a day, time-sharing with Dutch TV station Veronica; however, there is a digital 24-hours version that is available through the operators, Ziggo, KPN, Telfort, XS4All, Vodafone, Caiway, Caiway Twente/Cogas, Caiway Albrandswaard, Telenet, Proximus and TV Vlaanderen. Viewers in Wallonia and Luxembourg receive the French version of Disney XD.

All programs are dubbed in Dutch/Flemish or in original Dutch/Flemish language, only at the 24 ours version there is a dual audio option where channel 1 is the Dutch/Flemish dub/original Dutch/Flemish and on channel 2 is the original language, except some broadcast. Dutch subtitles are most times available through teletekstpage 888, there is currently no DVB subtitles served.

Formerly some programs are broadcast in the original language with Dutch subtitles, mainly in the evening and night. But most programs are dubbed in Dutch/Flemish, except local Dutch/Flemish productions.


On 1 January 2010, it replaced Jetix.[2] One month later, a 24-hours version launched on UPC Netherlands, later followed by other providers in the Netherlands and Flanders.[3] In 2012, Disney highly promoted the Disney XD 24-hour channel in magazines like Donald Duck and Tina under the banner Disney XD Extra. There is also extra programming added after 18:00.

A dual audio option is currently tested on the 24 hour version on Ziggo[4] The dual audio option is currently available through the 24 versions on Ziggo, Caiway, Caiway Twente/Cogas, Caiway Albrandswaard, Vodafone, Proximus and Telenet.

From 25 March 2015 Disney XD HD 24 hours is available at KPN, XS4All and Telfort.

Current series[edit]

Former series[edit]


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