Displeased Records

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Displeased Records
Independent record labels
Industry Entertainment
Founded 1993
Founder RW Veltkamp / LJ Eikema
Headquarters Zaandam, Netherlands
Number of locations
Area served
Products Entertainment media
Owner RW Veltkamp / LJ Eikema
Website www.discorder.com

Displeased Records is a Dutch independent record label, founded by Lars Eikema and Ron Veltkamp. The label has many Dutch and other extreme metal bands on its roster, but has also rereleased many classic albums, including albums by Agathocles (band), Cryptopsy, Infernäl Mäjesty, Sadus, Toxik and Whiplash. The label also has a large mail order division called Discorder.com.


Displeased Records was founded in 1993 by Lars Eikema and Ron Veltkamp. In the beginning the main focus was to release compilation CDs from unknown/unsigned artists playing all types of heavy metal, like death metal, thrash metal, etc. After a distribution network was set up Displeased Records started releasing studio albums of metal acts like Nembrionic, Altar, Hybernoid and Celestial season. In the same period a mail order was erected, in the beginning under the same moniker of the label name, later changed to Dis-order (a combination of DISpleased and mailORDER). Since 2011 changed the name to Discorder.

From the second half of the 90s, Displeased Records licensed cult thrash metal albums from Roadrunner records, from bands like Infernäl Mäjesty, Pestilence, Whiplash, Toxik and Sadus.

A distribution service was present from the beginning, albeit very small. Later on more and more music shops were provided with the metal albums and shirts that were already sold through the mail order.

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