Disraeli (1916 film)

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Directed by Charles Calvert
Percy Nash
Produced by Arrigo Bocchi
Written by Louis N. Parker (play and screenplay)
Starring Dennis Eadie
Mary Jerrold
Cyril Raymond
Distributed by NB Films
Release date
November 1916
Running time
6 reels
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Disraeli is a 1916 British silent biographical film directed by Charles Calvert and Percy Nash and starring Dennis Eadie, Mary Jerrold and Cyril Raymond. The film was based on the 1911 play Disraeli by Louis N. Parker, which was adapted twice more, as a 1921 silent version and most famously in 1929 as an early sound film. It was made at Ealing Studios.[1]


The mid-Victorian statesman Benjamin Disraeli manages to thwart the plans of Britain's rival Great Powers and gain control of the strategically important Suez Canal.



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