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Philadelphia Tacony Disston Athletic Association Football Club, better known as Disston A.A. and nicknamed The Sawmakers[1] was a U.S. soccer team sponsored by the Disston Saw Works company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The team played for several years in local Philadelphia leagues before joining the National Association Football League. It was a perennial contender in both league and cup play until 1921. No records exist for the team after that year.


The Disston Saw Works, founded by Henry Disston in 1840, was a company which had facilities in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood and later moved to the neighborhood of Tacony. At some point, it created an athletic association, known as the Disston Athletic Association, for company employees. The Disston A.A. included a soccer team, known as the Disston A.A.F.C. Depending on the source, the team was also known as Philadelphia Tacony, Tacony F.C., Tacony Disston, and Philadelphia Disston. These all refer to the same team.

The early history of the team is obscure, but it spent several years in local Philadelphia amateur and semi-professional leagues. In 1910, it began winning a string of league and cup titles beginning with the American Cup. From 1910 to 1912, they played in the Football Association of Philadelphia, winning two championships. They played the 1913-1914 season in the Allied American Football Association of Philadelphia. They then played in the American Soccer League of Philadelphia in 1915-1916, winning the league title, before moving to the National League of Philadelphia for the 1916-1917 season. In 1917, Disston A.A. went professional when it entered the National Association Football League .[2] The loss of players to military service in World War I led to the collapse of several leagues and teams. While Disston did not end operations, in 1918 it did leave the NAFBL for a season. That year, it also won the Philadelphia city championship. Disston rejoined the NAFBL in 1919 and played the next two seasons. In 1921, the league folded when several teams jumped to the newly established American Soccer League. Disston decided against joining the ASL.


Year League Reg. Season American Cup National Challenge Cup
1909/10 PL 1st Champion N/A
1910/11 FAP 1st Semifinal N/A
1911/12 FAP 1st ? N/A
1912/13 ? ? Final N/A
1913/14 AAFA 4th Final First round
1914/15 AAFA ? Third round Second round
1915/16 ASLP 1st ? Second round
1916/17 NLP ? ? Semifinal
1917/18 NAFBL 3rd Semifinal Third round
1918/19 ? 3rd Third round First round
1919/20 NAFBL 7th ? Second round
1920/21 NAFBL 7th ? Second round


  • American Cup
    • Winner (1): 1910
    • Runner UP (2): 1913, 1914
  • Allied Amateur Cup
    • Winner (1): 1918
  • League Championship
    • Winner (3): 1911, 1912, 1916
    • Runner Up (1): 1918

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