Distant Early Warning (song)

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This article is about the Rush song. For system of radar stations in the far northern Arctic region of Canada, see Distant Early Warning Line.
"Distant Early Warning"
Single by Rush
from the album Grace Under Pressure
B-side "Between the Wheels"
Released 1984
Genre Progressive rock, electronic rock
Length 4:56
Label Anthem
Writer(s) Neil Peart, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Producer(s) Rush and Peter Henderson
Rush singles chronology
"Distant Early Warning"
"Red Sector A"

"Distant Early Warning" is a song by progressive rock band Rush from their 1984 album Grace Under Pressure. It is one of Rush's most well-known songs due to being featured on multiple compilation albums as well as many of their live albums.

In a 1984 interview Neil Peart describes writing "Distant Early Warning":

Music video[edit]

The music video for Distant Early Warning (directed by David Mallett) is something of a mystery to Rush fans. Rumour has it that Geddy Lee's son, Julian, was the small child seen starring in and riding the rocket in the music video. This rumour was dispelled by Geddy Lee in a Rockline interview on May 9, 2007. Geddy said that his son Julian was not in this video. The boy was actually a British citizen by the name of Alexander Lant. The rumour, however, continues due to a quote from Julian in a biographical book titled Rush: Chemistry, published January 15, 2006. Julian is quoted as saying "I don't remember too much, except sitting on this rocket thing as if I was riding it for a really long time," Julian recalled. "Neil let me play his drums, but I had to be REALLY careful!"

(1984 Rush Backstage Club newsletter)


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