Distant Shadow

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Distant Shadow
Distant Shadow Poster.jpeg
Directed by Howard J. Ford
Produced by Mark Andrews
Written by Mark Andrews
Starring Stephen Tiller
Rosie Fellner
Music by Guy Michelmore
Cinematography Jon Ford
Jonathan Ford
Edited by Howard J. Ford
Distributed by Adrenalin Films
Release date
13 October 2000
Running time
100 minutes
Country  United Kingdom
Language English

Distant Shadow is a 1999 film. A thriller made in the UK, it is 100 minutes in length and was directed by Howard J. Ford.

Plot summary[edit]

Michelle witnesses the brutal murder of her mother while she is a four-year-old child. Sixteen years later she is still traumatized by memories, and living in poverty at a boarding house, struggling to pay the rent. She befriends a mysterious man who moves in across the hall named Charles Paskin. Something doesn't seem right about him and Michelle decides to investigate. She discovers that Charlie is working for the British government. His mission is to retrieve government files about a top secret operation which has been stolen, and he has been instructed to dispose anyone associated with these documents. Michelle believes that he may be connected with the murder of her mother. While trying to figure out the mystery, Michelle is dragged into a world of violence, conspiracy, and revenge where she soon discovers that nothing is as it seems and that no one can be trusted.


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