Distinct'ive Records

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Distinct'ive Records
Distinctive records logo.jpg
Parent company Avex UK (former)
Founded 1995
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London, United Kingdom
Official website distinctiverecords.com

Distinct'ive Records (also known as Distinct'ive Breaks and Distinct've Records) is a UK based record label founded in 1995.[1] The label has hundreds of releases from artists, most notably Hybrid, Way Out West, and iLS.


Distinct'ive Records was initially founded in 1995 and started out as a sublabel of Avex Recordings (UK). In 1998, Avex reorganized, closed two of its labels and only continued trading music recordings as Distinct'ive Records.[2] In 1999, The company began categorizing its genres within the label, sometimes retitling itself "Distinct'ive Breaks", which was often mistaken to be a sublabel of Distinct'ive.

The label gained popularity in 2000 at the launch of its own "Y3K" series.

Y3K series[edit]

Y4K series[edit]



Notable Albums[edit]

Standard releases[edit]

Year Artist Release Release date Catalogue
1991 Marshall Stax Switchead 5 March 1991 DISN001
Buckle & Fogey Yeow 19 March 1991 DISN002
Uno Clio Are You Man Enough? 23 July 1991 DISN004
Adrogeny I Could Be This 24 September 1991 DISN006
X-Odus You Ready Now 31 October 1991 DISN007
1992 Various Artists The Distinctive Sound Of House Vol. 1 21 April 1992 DISN010
Westbrook Take Me Away 9 June 1992 DISN015
1995 Endive The Feeling 11 June 1995 DISN003
Marshall Stax Rok Star 1 July 1995 DISN005
B-Code Feel Good 19 November 1995 DISN008
1996 DJ's Rule Get Into The Music 15 February 1996 DISN009
Billabong House Forever 24 March 1996 DISN011
Hybrid Fall Out Of Love 11 June 1996 DISN014
Endive The Feeling (The '96 Remix) 7 July 1996 DISN018
The Reverend Mike Crawley Pow! 3 November 1996 DISN020
Headcrash Give It To Me November 1996 DISN021
Hybrid Symphony November 1996 DISN022
Datura Mystic Motion 1 December 1996 DISN023
Hyper Go Go High 12 December 1996 DISN024
DJ Supreme Tha Wildstyle 31 December 1996 DISN019

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