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Distinguished Artists is a Canadian interview television series that focuses on all aspects of the arts with the goal of celebrating their guests' careers and achievements to inspire young artists. It profiles big names in music, comedy, drama, and literature.

Hosted by writer Lorne Frohman, this interview series is filmed at Assembly Hall, near Humber College Lakeshore Campus. It is written, produced and crewed by students from Humber College's Television Writing and Producing program for them to gain valuable set experience, mentorship by industry professionals and graduate with on-screen credits in key positions, allowing them to jump-start their careers.

The Humber School of Media Studies, Television: Writing and Producing program developed by Lorne Frohman, created, produced, wrote, shot and edited the series. Music students from the Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts wrote, arranged, and performed the series' theme song.

Distinguished Artists is the first network television show produced entirely by students of a college or university.[citation needed] It is produced by The Production League, a production company created by Executive Producer Brian Ainsworth and formed from graduate students of the Humber College Television Writing and Producing Program. Their proven successes to date include Distinguished Artists (5th season, over 80 episodes), School of Chef (1st season, 13 episodes completed), The Bird Watcher (currently in production), and King Kaboom (2nd season).

The show has a brand new season as of March 2011 and is now broadcast in HD. Its entirely produced by second year Broadcast Television and Videography students from Humbers' North Campus.

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