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Hockemeyer Hall - National Headquarters

The German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA (GAHFUSA) is a national non-profit organization that promotes German language, culture, and heritage in the United States and works toward preserving the history of Americans of German ancestry who helped build the United States.[1] It is a national membership organization through which Americans of German heritage and language work together on issues of common concern. The organization's national headquarters are in Washington, D.C.

The German-American Heritage Foundation was established as the United German-American Committee of the USA in 1977.[1]

Each year since President Ronald Reagan first declared October 6 German-American Day in 1987, GAHFUSA has petitioned the White House, United States Congress, and state and local governments to issue national and statewide proclamations.[2]

On October 17, 2008, the German-American Heritage Foundation acquired Hockemeyer Hall to establish the first national German-American Heritage Museum of the USA. Through supporters and fundraising, the GAHF was able to renovate the interior and exterior of the old townhouse, which opened in March 2010.[3]

Notable "Distinguished German-Americans"[edit]

The organization honors the outstanding contributions of Americans of German descent through its Distinguished German-American of the Year Award, which is presented at the annual Council of 1000 Award and Fundraising Gala.[4] Notable awardees have included:

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