Distort (album)

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Remix album by Collide
Recorded ?
Genre Industrial, Darkwave
Length 76:14
Label Noiseplus Music
Producer Statik
Collide chronology
Beneath the Skin
Chasing the Ghost

Distort was the second release and first remix album by Darkwave duo Collide which has been out of print for some time. However recently the album has been brought back in stock with a few more tracks and has undergone some more studio remixing and remastering for the 2006 release.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Pandora's Box (Opened Remix by Statik)
  2. Son of a Preacher Man (Bat Remix by Statik)
  3. Falling Up (Egypt Remix by Spirits In Sin)
  4. Whip It Version 2.0 (Remixed by Statik)
  5. Beneath the Skin (Razors Edge Remix by Das Ich)
  6. Obsession Version 2.0 (Remixed by Statik)
  7. Violet's Dance (Abstract Dub Fuck by Alien Faktor)
  8. Falling Up (Full Moon Remix by Waiting for God)
  9. Black (Pitched Remix by Crocodile Shop)
  10. Pandora's Box (Ultrajet Remix by T.H.C.)
  11. Strange (Bizarre Remix by SMP)
  12. Deep (2Deep Remix by Regenerator)
  13. Violet's Dance (Blister Feet Remix by Idiot Stare)
  14. Fear No Evil