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The Distributed Annotation System (DAS) is an open source project that is used in bioinformatics to share and collate genomic annotation information.[1][2][3] It originated as the work of Robin Dowell, Rodney Jokerst, Allen Day, Sean Eddy and Lincoln Stein,[1] but it has since evolved into a community driven project with its main hub BioDAS. The current stable version of DAS is 2.0, which is also written as "DAS/2", whereas the older but still commonly used version 1.6 is abbreviated as "DAS/1". The latter DAS/2 specification is not compatible with DAS/1.[4]

Sites and tools currently using DAS[edit]

DAS clients[edit]

Name Description Links
BioJava DAS Client
Dasty A web client for visualizing protein sequence feature information using DAS [1] [2]
DasView A server-side Perl application. This tool is mentioned in the original DAS publication, but has subsequently disappeared.
EnsEMBL The EnsEMBL Genome Browser. Provides built-in support for DAS [3]
Geodesic An stand-alone Java application [4]
IGB The Integrated Genome Browser (IGB, pronounced "ig-bee") is an application built upon the GenoViz SDK and Genometry for visualization and exploration of genomes and corresponding annotations from multiple data sources [5]
Jalview A multiple sequence alignment editor & viewer [6]
OmniGene The user interface is based on the EnsEMBL interface [7] [8]
SIMAP Similarity Matrix of Proteins [9] [10][permanent dead link]
SPICE A browser for the annotations for protein sequences and structures [11] [12] [13]
STRAP Underlining sequence features in multiple alignments. Example output: [14] [15]
TIGR DAS Viewer [16]
WormBase The WormBase genome Browser. Includes a DAS viewer named DASView


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