Distributed Processing Technology

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Distributed Processing Technology
Founded1977 Edit this on Wikidata
FounderSteve Goldman
ProductsIntelligent Storage Controllers

Distributed Processing Technology (DPT) was founded in 1977, in Maitland, Florida. DPT was an early pioneer in computer storage technology, popularizing the use of disk caching in the 1980s and 1990s. DPT was the first company to design, manufacture and sell microprocessor-based intelligent caching disk controllers to the OEM computer market. Prior to DPT, disk caching technology had been implemented in proprietary hardware in mainframe computing to improve the speed of disk access.[1][2]

DPT PM2554 and PM3754112 SCSI RAID disk controllers
DPT EISA Fast SCSI Controller PM2022
DPT's first product: PM3001 caching floppy disk controller

DPT's products popularized the use of disk caching in the 1980s.[1] According to Bill Brothers, Unix product manager at the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), a computer operating system vendor, "The kind of performance those guys (DPT) produce is phenomenal. It's unlike any other product on the market."[2]

DPT was founded by Steve Goldman, who served as the President and Chief Executive Officer until DPT was acquired by Adaptec in November 1999.[3]

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