Distributed Training Operations Center

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Coordinates: 41°26′24″N 93°39′29″W / 41.440°N 93.658°W / 41.440; -93.658

The Distributed Training Operations Center (DTOC) is the Iowa Air National Guard center for Distributed Mission Operations located in Des Moines, Iowa (USA). Distributed Mission Operations, or DMO, is a component of the Air Force Training Transformation initiative. The center organizes DMO events primarily for Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command pilots. It enables pilots from throughout the United States and the world to train together in a virtual world for combat missions. The DTOC facilitates training between Air National Guard fighter pilots and warfighters in the U.S. Army, Air Force Reserve, Navy, and other forces.

The National Guard and Reserve Equipment Report for Fiscal Year 2008, reports that the "ANG established the first Distributed Warfare Detachment in the Air Force at the 132 FW to house the Distributed Training Operation Center (DTOC). The DTOC’s one-of-a-kind capabilities and mission will grow to keep pace with the scope of Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) in the Air Force over the next four years. As the Guard’s DMO lynchpin, the DTOC will provide the operational environment for a virtual battlespace linking a wide array of high fidelity flight and mission crew simulators. The DTOC is responsible for all network management, event control, scenario development, unit DMO scheduling, remote maintenance, remote instruction, and realistic threat insertion. In addition, the DTOC manages the distributed network called ARCNET. The Mission Training Engineering Center (MTEC), collocated with the AF Research Laboratory (AFRL), Mesa, AZ, coordinates technology programs with AFRL, and acts as the engineering focal point for the ARC to exploit and transition leading edge technology into hardware or software solutions."