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Distribution Select (formerly Distribution Musicor, Distribution GAM and Distribution Trans-Canada) is a Canadian record and video distributor based in Montreal, Quebec in 1965 as Disques Select. It is a wholly owned division of Quebecor Media.


  • 1965: Company formed as Disques Select.
  • 1971: Company moves to Sainte-Catherine Street.
  • 1974: Distribution Musicor opens in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. (Unrelated to an American record label, Musicor Records.)
  • 1977: Disques Select changes into Distribution Select.
  • 1980: Company acquires Services de Musique Trans-Canada.
  • 1985: Distribution Select adopts a new logo.
  • 1989: Distribution Musicor and Distribution Trans-Canada set up in Pointe-Claire.
  • 1993: Distribution Trans-Canada ceases operations.
  • 1996: Distribution Musicor joins with Distribution GAM.
  • 2001: Distribution Select ceases the activities of Distribution Musicor and Distribution GAM.


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