District 4, Ho Chi Minh City

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District 4

Quận 4
Official seal of District 4
Position in HCMC's core
Position in HCMC's core
District 4 is located in Vietnam
District 4
District 4
Location in Vietnam
Coordinates: 10°45′42″N 106°42′9″E / 10.76167°N 106.70250°E / 10.76167; 106.70250Coordinates: 10°45′42″N 106°42′9″E / 10.76167°N 106.70250°E / 10.76167; 106.70250
Country Vietnam
Centrally governed cityHo Chi Minh City
Seat5 Đoàn Như Hài
Wards15 wards
 • Total4 km2 (2 sq mi)
 • Total203,060
 • Density51,000/km2 (130,000/sq mi)
 • Main ethnic groupspredominantly Kinh
Time zoneUTC+07 (ICT)

District 4 (Vietnamese: Quận 4) is the smallest urban district (quận) of Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam. The Saigon Port is located here.

As of 2010, the district had a population of 183,261 and a total area of 4 km².[1] A number of large apartment buildings have been built over the past decade in District 4 including Rivergate Residence, Millenium, Galaxy 9, and Icon 56.

Geographical location[edit]

Map showing the location of District 4 within metropolitan Ho Chi Minh City

District 4 is a triangular cay, surrounded by rivers and canals. It borders Saigon River and the city of Thủ Đức to the northeast, Bến Nghé River and District 1 to the northwest, and Tẻ Canal and District 7 to the south.

There are 15 wards in District 4.

On January 11, 1985, the district consisted of five wards, namely:

  • Vĩnh Hội Ward (which is now divided into four wards numbered 1-4);
  • Lý Nhơn Ward (which is now divided into three wards numbered 5, 6 and 8);
  • Cây Bàng Ward (which is now divided into two wards, numbered 9 and 10);
  • Xóm Chiếu Ward (which is now divided into three wards, numbered 12-14) and
  • Khánh Hội Ward (which is now divided into three wards, numbered 15, 16 and 18).

As time went on, these wards split up into between two and four wards each, now giving a total of 15 wards, numbered 1-18, with the exception of wards 7, 11 and 17.


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