District Council (Second)

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District Council (Second)
Functional Constituency
for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Logo of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Country  Hong Kong
Electorate 3,219,755
Current constituency
Created 2012
Number of members Five
Member(s) James To (Democratic)
Kwong Chun-yu (Democratic)
Leung Yiu-chung (NWSC)
Starry Lee (DAB)
Holden Chow (DAB)

The District Council (Second) is a functional constituency in the elections for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.


In the 2009, the government put forward the reform package of the election method of the 5th Legislative Council of Hong Kong in the 2012 LegCo election. Due to the resolution of the National People's Congress in 2007 the ratio of geographical constituency and functional constituency remained the same, the government's package suggested to add extra five seats in geographical constituency and functional constituency respectively. The five new functional constituency seats would be same as the District Council functional constituency, in which only district councillors could stand, nominate, and be elected.

The Democratic Party put forward a revised proposal suggesting only elected district councillors could be eligible to run in the new District Council constituency and the electorate should be expanded to all registered in Hong Kong. The Democratic Party's proposal was accepted by the central authorities. In 2010, the LegCo passed the Consultation Document on the Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive and for Forming the LegCo in 2012 and the total 10 new seats in the sum of 5 seats of geographical constituencies and 5 seats of District Council (Second) functional constituency were created in the following 2012 LegCo election in September.

Electoral method[edit]

Only the elected members of the District Councils can become nominees and nominate candidates. Nominees have to get at least 15 nominations in order to run and are elected by all registered voters who are not the voters of other functional constituencies (including uncontested functional constituencies).[1] The constituency covers all regions of Hong Kong.

Since most of the voters are not in the other functional constituencies, the District Council (Second) constituency is considered as a de facto direct election and the members elected is thus called the "Super District Councillors" or "5 Super Seats". The constituency is elected with the proportional representative method with largest remainder method.

Current legislators[edit]

LegCo members for District Council (Second)
Term Election Member Member Member Member Member
5th 2012 James To
Starry Lee
Frederick Fung
Chan Yuen-han
Albert Ho
6th 2016 Leung Yiu-chung
Holden Chow
Kwong Chun-yu

Electoral results[edit]

2016 LegCo Election DC2.svg
1 2 2
Circle frame.svg

Vote share

  Democratic (38.51%)
  DAB (29.77%)
  NWSC (15.89%)
  FTU (12.21%)
  Civic (1.48%)
  Neo Democrats (1.24%)
  ADPL (0.90%)
  Other (9.9920072216264E-16%)
Legislative Election 2016: District Council (Second)
List Candidates Votes % ±
Democratic Kwong Chun-yu 491,667 25.74
DAB Starry Lee Wai-king
Hung Lin-cham, Chu Lap-wai, Ngan Man-yu, Siu Ka-yi
304,222 15.93 –1.48
NWSC Leung Yiu-chung 303,457 15.89 N/A
DAB Holden Chow Ho-ding
Li Sai-wing, Nixie Lam Lam, Mo Shing-fung
264,339 13.84 +1.29
Democratic James To Kun-sun 243,930 12.77 –7.11
FTU Wong Kwok-hing, Mok Kin-wing, Wong Wang-to, Lau Kwai-yung 233,236 12.21 –3.26
Civic Sumly Chan Yuen-sum 28,311 1.48 N/A
Neo Democrats Kwan Wing-yip, Hui Yui-yu, Lai Ming-chak 22,631 1.24 N/A
ADPL Kalvin Ho Kai-ming 17,175 0.90 N/A
Total valid votes 1,909,968 100.00
Rejected ballots 73,081
Turnout 1,983,049 57.09 +5.14
Registered electors 3,473,792
2 1 1 1
Circle frame.svg

Vote share

  Democratic (34.26%)
  DAB (29.96%)
  ADPL (16.47%)
  FTU (15.47%)
  Other (3.84%)
Legislative Election 2012: District Council (Second)
List Candidates Votes % ±
Democratic James To Kun-sun
Andrew Chiu Ka-yin, Au Nok-hin
316,468 19.88
DAB Starry Lee Wai-king
Hung Lin-cham, Chan Hok-fung, Chu Lap-wai, Ngan Man-yu
277,143 17.41
ADPL Frederick Fung Kin-kei
Hui Kam-shing
262,172 16.47
FTU Chan Yuen-han
Dennis Leung Tsz-wing, Wong Yun-cheong
246,196 15.47
Democratic Ho Chun-yan
Kwong Chun-yu, Lam Siu-fai
228,840 14.38
DAB (Civil Force) Lau Kong-wah 199,732 12.55
Independent Pamela Peck Wan-kam 61,321 3.85
Total valid votes 1,591,872 100.00
Rejected ballots 80,921
Turnout 1,672,793 51.95
Registered electors 3,219,755

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