District Council of Kimba

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District Council of Kimba
South Australia
Kimba LGA.png
Location of the District Council of Kimba
Population 1,097 (2015 est)[1]
 • Density 0.27520/km2 (0.7128/sq mi)
Established 1924
Area 3,986.2 km2 (1,539.1 sq mi)
Mayor Dean Johnson [2]
Council seat Kimba
Region Eyre and Western[3]
State electorate(s) Flinders
Federal Division(s) Grey
Kimba dc logo.jpg
Website District Council of Kimba
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The District Council of Kimba is a local government area located on the northern Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The district is mostly agricultural in nature, with the township of Kimba being the focal point of the district. With a number of towns positioned close to the Gawler Ranges, the district receives a modest amount of attention from tourists, who also stop by to see Kimba's Big Galah.[4]


Pastoralists began colonising the area that would become the district in the early 1900s without many essential facilities such as road and water supplies. In 1913 the Port Lincoln Railway was extended to a new siding named 'Kimba', and two years later, the town of Kimba was officially proclaimed.[5]

With new settlers to the area, the need for basic facilities was growing, the Kimba Vigilance Committee was established to lobby for the provision of these facilities. In 1925, the District Council of Kimba was established.[6][7]

Since 1925, the district has grown in size, with a number of areas being added during 1936-1937, and again in 1967.[5]


The district's focal point is the town and council seat of Kimba; it also includes the localities of Barna, Cootra, Cortlinye, Cunyarie, Kelly, Moseley, Panitya, Solomon, Wilcherry and Yalanda, and part of Buckleboo, Caralue, Lake Gilles, Koongawa, Pinkawillinie and Waddikee.[8]


The district has most essential facilities available including service stations, automotive repairers, laundromat, learning and business centre, accommodation, supermarkets, speciality shops, and many eating facilities.[5]

Other community services include a medical centre, a hospital, a library and school


Ward Councillor Notes
Unsubdivided [2]   Phil Arcus
  Graeme Baldock Deputy Mayor
  Brian Cant
  Geoff Churchett
  Dean Johnson Mayor
  Megan Lienert
  Peter Rayson

Mayors and chairmen of Kimba[edit]

  • Frank Roy Ferry (1930-1948) [9]
  • Alfred Charles Frick (1948-1950) [9]
  • Clifford Hamlet Richard Martin (1950-1957) [9]
  • Arthur Erwin Schaefer (1957-1965) [9]
  • Kenneth Charles Yates (1965-1967) [9]
  • Glen Gordon Cant (1967-1976) [9]
  • Hiram Kenneth Mayfield (1976-1980) [9]
  • Leo John Schaefer (1980-1984) [9]


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