District Council of Tantanoola

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District Council of Tantanoola
South Australia
Former chambers of the District Council of Tantantoola
District Council of Tantanoola is located in South Australia
District Council of Tantanoola
District Council of Tantanoola
Coordinates37°41′51″S 140°27′20″E / 37.697439°S 140.455519°E / -37.697439; 140.455519Coordinates: 37°41′51″S 140°27′20″E / 37.697439°S 140.455519°E / -37.697439; 140.455519
Council seatTantanoola
LGAs around District Council of Tantanoola:
Mayurra/Millicent (1888–?) Mount Muirhead (1888–1914)
Mayurra/Millicent (1914–?)
Mount Muirhead (1888–1914)
Mayurra/Millicent (1914–?)
Tantanoola Mount Gambier (1888–?)
Benara (1888–1932)
Port MacDonnell (1932—?)
Mount Gambier (1888–?)

The District Council of Tantanoola was a local government area seated at Tantanoola in South Australia from 1888 to circa 1960.[1]


According to South Australian local government historian Sue Marsden "development of South Australia's South East was greatly helped by drainage schemes. Elsewhere in South Australia the Local Board of Main Roads was the precursor to local government, but in the South East it was district drainage boards."[2] The original South-East Drainage District was formed in April 1876.[2] Over the next five years parts were split off to form new drainage districts.[2] The Tantanoola Drainage District was established in 1882 in the vicinity of Tantanoola township.

Six years later in January 1888 the drainage district was declared a council district and expanded to included all of the Hundred of Hindmarsh not already a part of the council area.[3] The District Councils Act 1887 was a statewide legislative push to ensure all settled areas of the state be under local governance. It stated that all existing drainage districts (and the accompanying drainage boards) were to effectively become district councils.[3]

On 12 May 1932 Tantanoola annexed a western part of the abolished District Council of Benara.[2]


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