District Livestock Farm (Hosur)

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The District Livestock Farm, Hosur (or Hosur Cattle Farm) is a demonstration farm in Hosur, India.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] The farm covers 1,641.41 acres, and raises cattle and other livestock.[7] The farm raises Red Sindhi cattle and Kangeyam cattle, in order to "encourage pure breeding and to preserve native breeds."[7]

District Livestock Farm has an Embryo transfer laboratory. Embryos from Red Sindhi cows are collected by multiple ovulation and embryo transfer technique, and are transferred to cross-bred recipient cows by non-surgical method. These recipient cows will carry the fetus till the rest of the pregnancy and deliver the calf. So far, 10 calves have born through embryo transfer technique in this farm. Embryo transfer programme is also carried out in 10 districts from this embryo transfer unit. forty three calves have been produced in the field through embryo transfer technology. In the next phase, nearly 200 embryo flushings are going to be conducted in the Farm and 10 districts of Tamil Nadu.

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