Districts of Bangladesh

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Districts of Bangladesh
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The divisions of Bangladesh are divided into 64[1] districts, or zila (Bengali জিলা/জেলা=Zela/zila). The capital of a district is called a district seat (zila sadar). The districts are further subdivided into 493 sub-districts or upazila (উপজেলা upojela).


Deputy commissioner[edit]

The deputy commissioner (popularly abbreviated to "DC") is the executive head of the district. Deputy Commissioner is appointed by the government from a Deputy secretary of B.C.S. Administration Cadre.

District Councils[edit]

District Council (or Zila Parishad) is a local government body at the district level.[2] The Bengali word parishad means council and zila parishad translates to district council.

The functions of the District Council include construction and maintenance of roads, and bridges, building hospitals and dispensaries, schools and educational institutions, health facilities and sanitation, tube wells for drinking water, rest houses, and coordination of activities of the Union Parishads within the District.

List of districts[edit]

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