Districts of Belize

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Districts of Belize
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Belize is divided into 6 districts. The districts are listed below, with the capital city and some statistics.


District Capital City Area (km²) Area (sq. mi) Population (2010 census) 2-letter abbreviation 3-letter abbreviation
Belize Belize City 4,204 1,623 89,247 BZ BZD
Cayo San Ignacio 5,338 2,061 73,302 CY CYO
Corozal Corozal Town 1,860 718 40,324 CZ CZL
Orange Walk Orange Walk Town 4,737 1,829 45,419 OW OWK
Stann Creek Dangriga 2,176 840 32,166 SC SCK
Toledo Punta Gorda 4,649 1,795 30,538 TO TOL

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