Districts of Botswana

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Districts of Botswana
Districts of Botswana. The city districts (8) are not shown on the map.[a]
Category Unitary State
Location Republic of Botswana
Number 16 Districts
Populations 2,879 (Sowa) – 276,319 (South-East)
Areas 170 km2 (65 sq mi) (Gaborone) – 76,000 km2 (29,400 sq mi) (Tabora)
Government District government
Subdivisions Sub-district
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Botswana is divided into 16 administrative districts: 9 rural districts and 7 urban districts. These are administered by 15 local authorities (district councils, city councils or town councils).[1][2] Until 2006, Chobe and Ngamiland Districts shared the same local authority, the North-West District Council.

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