Districts of Iraq

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Governorates and districts of Iraq

Iraq's 19 governorates are subdivided into 120 districts (kaza). The district usually bears the same name as the district capital.

The districts are listed below, by governorate (with capital in parentheses):

Anbar Governorate[edit]

Muthanna Governorate[edit]


Qadisiyyah Governorate[edit]

Babil Governorate[edit]

Baghdad Governorate[edit]

Basra Governorate[edit]

Dhi Qar Governorate[edit]

Diyala Governorate[edit]

Karbala Governorate[edit]

Kirkuk Governorate[edit]

(From 1976 to mid-2006 called At-Ta'mim)

Maysan Governorate[edit]

Najaf Governorate[edit]

Nineveh Governorate[edit]


Note that northern Sinjar, northern Tel Afar, Akre and northern Shekhan districts are currently under illegal Kurdistan Regional Government de facto control.

Saladin Governorate[edit]


Wasit Governorate[edit]

Kurdistan Region[edit]

Dohuk Governorate[edit]


Dohuk Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Erbil Governorate[edit]

Hewler governorate 2012.png

Erbil Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan, while the status of the southern Makhmur District is contested.

Sulaymaniyah Governorate[edit]

Sulaymaniyah Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Halabja Governorate[edit]

Halabja Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan and still officially a part of Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

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