Districts of Northern Cyprus

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Districts of Northern Cyprus
Turkish: Kuzey Kıbrıs'ın ilçeleri
Full District map of Northern Cyprus.png
Category Unitary state
Location Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Number 6 Districts
Populations 23,098 (İskele)
97,293 (Lefkoşa)
Areas No data stated
Government District government, National government
Subdivisions Sub-District
Coat of arms of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svg
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Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is divided into six districts, which are further divided into 12 sub-districts.[1][2] Each district is governed by a Governor. On 27 December 2016, the Assembly of the Republic unanimously decided that the Lefke sub-district would be separated from the Güzelyurt District, establishing the Lefke District as the sixth district of Northern Cyprus.[3]

District District map Sub-districts Capital Governor
Lefkoşa TRNC Nicosia district.png
  • Lefkoşa
  • Değirmenlik
North Nicosia Kemal Deniz Dana
Gazimağusa TRNC Famagusta district.png
  • Mağusa
  • Akdoğan
  • Geçitkale
Famagusta Beran Bertuğ
Girne TRNC Kyrenia district.png
  • Girne
  • Çamlıbel
Kyrenia Mehmet Envergil
  • Güzelyurt
Morphou Menteş Gündüz
İskele TRNC Iskele district.png
  • İskele
  • Mehmetçik
  • Yeni Erenköy
Trikomo Bünyamin Merhametsiz
  • Lefke
Lefka TBA

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